How T-Shirt Marketing Can Enhance Brand Recognition

How T-Shirt Marketing Can Enhance Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is something companies big and small strive for. When consumers recall your brand, there’s a higher probability that they’ll make a purchase, recommend it to others, and there’s an easier introduction for new products. 

When customers recognize your brand, you’ll have a more competitive edge among your contemporaries. Customers become more engaged because you have made a personal connection with them. 

Sometimes, however great your products are, if you’re not able to establish authority with your brand, people will look away and search for other better products even if your product is already the best in the market. 

Many companies employ various strategies to recognise their brand in the market. But one very effective tool or technique is through T-shirt marketing. Here’s how T-shirt marketing can enhance brand recognition:

  1. Promotional T-shirts Have Longer Staying Power

Consumers keep T-shirts for an average of two years; imagine that’s two years of a free advertisement from a person that you would consider as a walking billboard. 

Survey shows that users keep promotional t-shirts an average of 14 months, longer than holding on to a promotional bag, which is 11 months, and even longer than a writing instrument, which they keep for only nine months, and only if they don’t lose it. Suffice to say that users will have more chances of wearing it, walking the streets with it, and who knows maybe even travelling with it. Because if the T-shirt is made from high-quality materials and if the print is superior, most likely it’s a keeper or could even be gifted. 

  1. Increases Brand Recall

Brand recall is the instant recollection of a brand by a consumer when cued with a product or service or any other connection with it. 

According to a marketing study, 80% of consumers remember brands they see in a T-shirt higher than other promotional products such as umbrellas, USB drives, power banks, and calendars.  Recall of a brand is measured through repeat purchases from the same consumer. And that action translates to brand loyalty. You can visit the custom shirts | Printful website if you’re planning to use T-shirts and check the customizations you may opt for your marketing strategy. 

  1. Increases Curiosity From Potential Market

A promotional T-shirt with an exciting logo and captivating and witty tagline piques people’s curiosity. Ideally, a promotional T-shirt must contain not just the logo, slogan, and location. It must also include the social media accounts and even better, the company’s website. This way, there’s a higher opportunity that the brand will be searched on the internet to satisfy the consumer’s curiosity. 

It works the same way as email marketing, where leads are directed to the websites’ landing page when consumers click the link on the email, except in T-shirt marketing, the consumer will go to the website without prodding. This eventually increases the traffic on your website and will enable you to reach more people with your campaigns. 

  1. Leverage Influencer Marketing 

Suppose your brand utilizes User Generated Content-type of marketing strategy. In that case, this is a massive opportunity for you to leverage your influencer marketing by letting them wear promotional T-shirts on their posts, stories, or vlogs. This way, their reach and power will be significantly maximized. If they have, say half a million followers, that’s already an unprecedented number of reach over a minimal media fee or sometimes just a product exchange. 

  1. Strengthens Relationship With Consumers

Rewarding your most valued consumers with a nicely wrapped T-shirt and other curated promotional items will fortify your relationship with them; they’ll feel valued and appreciated. Engaging with current customers has many benefits. And this act of giving them a token may translate to positive word-of-mouth marketing and give them more reasons to wear your T-shirt around.

  1. Build A Sense Of Community

To positively impact your brand, you may host charity events such as a soup kitchen or a marathon for a cause and ask all your staff to wear their shirts to the event. This way, many people will see your brand positively and create a lasting impression where your brand will be associated with something good and worthwhile. This activity will also highlight your corporate social responsibility and give you a sense of belonging in the community.


Consumer’s attention span and ability to recall get trickier as time goes by because of the competing visuals and opportunities that may snatch their attention. A company’s ability to grab that attention is crucial in building a brand. A T-shirt is a powerful and cost-effective tool to maximize opportunities in increasing brand awareness and recognition.

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