How Not to Mentally Fuck up Your Kids

How Not to Affect the Phycology of The Kids

Free Ebook How not to mentally fuck up your kids

How not to mentally fuck up your kids – This seven-chapter book is a must-have for all parents. It does not just give you tips on how to raise your kids. It starts with how you should accept the fact that nobody’s perfect. There are times when you would feel like you messed up and that you were not able to do the right thing. These are integral parts of the whole parenting experience because it will make you realize that if you commit mistakes, your kids will surely do the same from time to time. May it be about your kids or yourself, acceptance and compromise are vital parts of a happy parent-children relationship?

  • All you need is love. The book focuses on the needs of the children and how important it is for parents and caregivers to maintain mental health condition. Having a sound mind ensures your efficiency in giving love and care to the children.
  • Tips See. See and read about the tips on what you should do to avoid the mistakes that your parents did in raising you. It helps you distinguish your child’s identity from his or her behaviour. It shows you effective ways on how you can correct a mistake that they committed without making them feel bad about themselves. It also helps you have a longer patience with your kids, yourself, and with life in general.
  • Meet Limits. It is very important to set limitations for your kids not just to keep your sanity but most importantly, to keep them safe and secured. The book “How not to mentally fuck up your kids” gives you a deeper insight not on your children’s behaviour exclusively but with your own behaviour each time you are pushed to your limits.
  • It is important to anticipate that your children may step way out of line at times so that you can prepare on how to react in such circumstances. Likewise, it is wise to anticipate failures so you can take it positively and make the most learning out of it.
  • It also features different parenting stories that you can learn from.

The book discusses your managing roles as a parent. It includes time management, financial management, and more. One thing that the book emphasizes is that we should never forget our sense of humor when dealing with different demanding scenarios where parenting is concerned. Learn to take parenting seriously and handle your mistakes wisely so you can turn it into something positive.

Free Ebook How not to mentally fuck up your kids

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