How Much Data Is Used When Playing Pokies on Mobile Devices?

With the iGaming industry expanding its way into more and more countries and regions, the number of people opting for mobile gambling also increases. Let’s just take a look at some statistics. According to Statista, the mobile gaming market generated a revenue of $140.5 billion in 2022. 

By 2026, this figure is projected to surpass the threshold of $173.4 billion as smartphone usage and mobile adoption continue to reach new peaks. Also, based on the available data, mobile gaming currently takes almost 51% of total gaming revenue worldwide, thanks to forerunners like the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. This just shows how prevalent mobile games are among players.

When it comes to pokies, they are surely among the most popular choices at casinos with PayID (like, PayPal or other modern payments that people like to use for mobile gambling frequently. However, the biggest problem with mobile pokies is that in some cases, they can consume all your data if you don’t use Wi-Fi. 

But how much data exactly do mobile pokie games require? We looked into this question and uncovered the topic with as much detail as possible. So, just get comfortable and let’s get started. 

Playing Pokies with Mobile Data or Wi-Fi 

When it comes to playing games on your phone, you obviously have two choices – either use your data plan or connect to a Wi-Fi network. However, since you might not always have access to Wi-Fi when you are on the move, it’s recommended to get an unlimited data plan as an alternative to be able to access games whenever you want. One thing to note is that slot games practically use the most data during the loading process. So, once the game finishes the loading phase, there is minimal transfer during the gameplay. 

How Much Data is Required to Play Mobile Pokies

There is no exact answer to this question. While some games can use as little as 10MB/hour, other titles can just jump over the mark of 150MB per hour, which can be a daunting number if you have a data cap. However, we can still make some generalizations. 

For example, according to one of the renowned gaming providers in the industry, NetEnt, pokies require a little over 1 kilobyte per spin to operate. Moreover, it’s not always necessary to have a 4G connection for loading and playing a pokie on your phone. Even with a 3G connection, it is possible to run mobile slot games successfully. 

But what determines the higher or lower usage of data? The main factors that can determine how much data you are going to spend are the type of game you want to play, the model of your smartphone, and whether you use a mobile app or a mobile browser. For instance, games that have complicated features, high-quality 3D graphics, animations and other interactive elements tend to use more data. On the other hand, games with rather simple mechanisms and graphics will allow you to play with mobile data for a longer time.

Managing Your Data Usage

Since it’s not possible to always be in control of how much data you are using, you can make use of special functions on your smartphone to limit or monitor your data. This will help you to set limitations on data usage and get notifications when you are about to exceed them. If you don’t know where these settings are in your phone and how to turn them on, you can just follow the instructions below. 

The steps for Android users cover the following:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Find the section on Internet and Network and choose Data Usage. At the top, you will see the total data you have used.
  • Press App Data Usage to see more details and graphs. Here, you can use the Down arrow (⤵) to pick a time period. Look below the graph in order to see how much data each application uses.
  • To turn your data limit on, go back to Internet settings and click Data Warning & Limit.
  • Turn on the function Set Data Limit through the switch, look through the on-screen message and tap OK.
  • Next, press Data Limit and enter the number you want. 
  • Click the Set button once everything is done.

iPhone owners can follow the steps below.

  • Open your iPhone settings.
  • Choose Mobile or Cellular Data. The latter is typically found on an iPad. 
  • Scroll down to locate the casino or game apps you want and check the total data usage. If you don’t wish a particular app to use mobile data, you have the option to turn it off for that one app. 
  • To set data limits, head back to network settings and press Data Plan. From here, you can switch off the unlimited plan.
  • Fill in how much you want your data plan to be under Data Limitation and click Done.

That’s all. Once you adjust all settings, you will receive an alert when you reach your set limit and avoid unnecessary data usage. In addition, you can reduce your data usage by disabling game or casino app updates through cellular or mobile Internet. Getting budget gaming computers can also be an alternative solution if you decide to switch to PC gambling in the future. 

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