How Many Online Moving Quotes Should You Get?

We all know that moving from one home to another is a hassle that takes time, effort and a bit of back pain to complete. Some can rely on the assistance of family and friends to haul their stuff from their current home to the new one. Yet, most people would instead call in the professionals and get moving house quotes from several service providers.


Before the pandemic, getting removalist quotes in Sydney meant having your movers survey your sites first before settling down to a set of fees. These days, however, many people are content in getting online removalist quotes as this is physically safer and certainly more convenient.


But the big question is, how many removalist quotes do you need to decide?

Three is the Magic Number

For both in-house and online quotation requests, the key number is three. Considering that there are hundreds of removalist firms in Australia, doing one’s research through the internet enables homeowners to make more informed choices when making a shortlist, particularly among those closest to either their current or new residence. It makes things much easier and more convenient all around.


Likewise, having three specific choices gives you enough to look at what options or moving solutions each company offers without completely overwhelming you.


Things You Should Ask Before Getting an Online Removalist Quote

There are several questions you will need to ask the removalists you’ve shortlisted before getting a quotation. These have a great deal to do with their professionalism, overall track record, and costs above and beyond the services you’re planning to hire them for.


For the most part, these are what you should ask:


Are they fully insured?

Here in Australia, removalists are required to hold public liability and transit insurance as a way of securing their customers’ belongings. Public liability insurance essentially covers any major damage to the home, such as the truck accidentally backing into your garage door or a wall, causing a number of significant breakages. Transit insurance, on the other hand, covers the items being moved. This, however, is a tricky thing: the removalist will cover the damage to an item if it’s still aboard their truck or van. If it isn’t, then it isn’t covered.

Does the moving company offer insurance?

It’s a known fact that accidents happen, so prudent removalists offer insurance to cover your stuff if it gets lost or damaged in transit. The very best removalists guide their customers towards the best possible insurance policy at a most reasonable cost;


How big a fleet is used in the company’s operations?

This gives you an idea of how many vans or trucks are used to service clients. It will also guide those seeking a quotation to determine what vehicle may best be used to ferry their belongings from one location to another; and


Aside from the actual cost of moving, what other expenses need to be paid for if you avail of their service?

These include cancellation fees, service charges, long carry fees, and any charges regarding the assembly, disassembly, and installation of either furniture or appliances.


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