How Long Does it Take to Notice Body Transformation Visually?

Body Transformation is Not as Easy as it Looks

Before we even make a firm decision to start working on ourselves, the first question that pops is when the desired results will come. It’s a million-dollar question, right? Let’s get to the answer together.

People generally start dieting and training to feel good and to look better. We usually expect too much from ourselves in a very short period of time. We want to lose weight, shape our bodies, have more energy during the day, sleep better at night, reduce our appetites, improve our fitness levels, and we want it today.

All great things were built gradually! It takes a strong will, perseverance, a good plan, and a clear goal! Here’s what the path will look like and what can you expect along the journey.

Spoiler alert: you’ll need to leave the magic wand to Harry Potter and get back to reality.

Phase 1

You decide to get moving, you buy every vegetable you could find and you start going to the gym five times a week, and you make a promise you’ll stick to your new routine. The next important thing is patience.

This first phase usually lasts only 6 weeks, but this will certainly be the most difficult phase. Your body will slowly start to adapt to the stress and physiological changes that occur as a result of training. Eating healthy will be the most mentally difficult part. You’ll need to change the old habits of eating snacks and sweets daily and replace them with nutritious meals that will give you fuel to get closer to your goal.

Going out and hanging out with your friends will be extremely challenging and you’ll have to stay true to your goals and say no to any cake and wine offers. Repeat: „No to cake and wine!“. Practice makes perfect.

The first 2 weeks will be the hardest. After that, your body will adapt to new stimuli, your cravings will come less often, blood sugar will be regulated, and you’ll feel lighter and more energetic.

… All because when you eat a banana instead of chocolate an amazing change happens!

I’m not gonna lie and I’m not gonna allow others to lie to you when they say that if you follow the magic formula, you’ll see results in a month. Miracles do not happen, and the best result is always the result of hard work, dedication, and a little pinch of salty sacrifice. In the first 6 weeks, you will not only see the small change, but you will mostly feel it. One morning when you wake up and start getting ready for work, you’ll see how much easier it’s to get into those tight jeans, you will feel that it is easier to go up the stairs, you will feel that you sleep better, you’ll feel that you have more energy during the day.

Your results may not be visible to the naked eye, but what you will feel will give you the motivation to go further towards achieving your goal.

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Phase 2

If you didn’t give up after the first phase – congratulations! You are on the right track now, and the hardest part is behind you. You no longer see working out as an obligation but as a challenge. You want to increase the load, you want to increase the intensity, you want to do more repetitions and in the end, you want to train more often because you feel you can. More and better!

Now you go for healthy options when you’re with your friends at the restaurants because realistically, you like it better. Your muscles are now strong enough that you can enjoy the feeling of progress. And not only that, in phase 2 which lasts approximately 3 months you also start to see results. Everyone around you will notice your body transforming.

It takes about 90 days on average to successfully complete the second phase. But time doesn’t matter now, because you realize that your new self is slowly being created, and everyone will notice that.

Don’t return to the old habits just because you’ve dropped a few pounds. You must accept this new lifestyle and you’ll fall in love with it.

Ok, you don’t need to be that strict. From now on, you can start adding wine to your monthly diet plan. The rule is: drink one glass of wine and two glasses of water.

Phase 3

You survived the fact that not everyone sees your victory in the same way as you. You are at the crossroads now— should you give up or continue? Remember that patience is the key, and giving up is not an option!

You are continuing? Bravo! Now you’ve become the master of your body and mind. You train for yourself, not for others. You choose healthier options because you love yourself and you know that your health is your best investment. You train almost every day, you enjoy every meal you prepare, the muscles are so strong, the mind is faster and you feel like a Superman. You focus on your well-being and progress.

The third phase is a period when you harvest the crops of your hard work. Enjoy the success!

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It’s Not The End of The Journey

You’ve become an ambassador of a healthy life, you eagerly want to tell your friends how the feeling of success, in the end, is something indescribable!

And there comes a moment when one of your friends interrupts your story by asking, “And how long did it take you for that six-pack?”

There is no end, every new day will be your new success, and your body is the healthiest addiction that can rule over you.

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