How Long Does it Take to Lose 50 Pounds with Geo Diet?

Time Taken to Lose 50 Pounds with Geo Diet

What is Geo Diet?

Geo Diet is an ancient philosophical concept of thinking without limitations, being present in every moment of your life, and doing things that improve your health and overall well-being.

Geo connects mind and body, brings powerful thoughts and helps you explore your limits, and encourages you to break the chains of modern-day lifestyle slavery.

Forget everything you’ve heard about dieting and following strict rules. Geo will be your new guide through progress. You’ll learn and explore your desires, wants, and needs, you’ll find your inner strength and you’ll develop a strong will.

Geo is all about finding spirituality in nature, opening up to the world, and becoming your own sculptor. You can unlock endless possibilities if you choose to go down the path of Geo.

Self-awareness is a true and ultimate goal with Geo. Along the way, you’ll learn what you need to eat and how to train your body, and maintain a good balance. Positive vibes will fill your soul so that you can finally find your inner peace and tranquillity.

Many start the Geo Diet journey hoping for body transformation, but they end up gaining much more. Then Geo becomes a lifestyle and the way of thinking.

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Scientific Facts on Losing Weight

Every day we’re seeing “before and after” photos, people who changed their appearance in six weeks. How much time do we really need to lose weight? Here are some scientific facts.

If you ask your doctor or personal trainer how long it will take you to lose weight, he will not give you a specific answer. Many factors affect weight loss—age, health, physical activity, but also lifestyle.

It is realistic, in most cases, to lose from one to two pounds a week. If the weight drops faster, you can easily get the yo-yo effect, or return to the old weight. The most important thing is to set yourself long-term goals, stay focused, and explore.

There are three explanations for sudden weight loss—loss of body fat, water, or muscle mass. Ideally, with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, we will lose mostly fat and preserve muscle. No, that is not always the case, since we are mostly focused on a strict diet.

The older we get, the harder it is for us to lose weight. We all notice that. As we age, we lose muscle mass, which slows down our metabolism and makes it harder for us to burn calories.

Of course, lifestyle is equally important. If we’re stress-free, we sleep enough, and have the complete support of the family, we’ll be on our way to get rid of extra pounds.

How Can You Lose Weight With Geo Diet?

The modern way makes people sit at work for hours, drive cars or public transport, sit again at home watching TV, and eat calorie-dense food. Lack of physical activity and wrong diet doesn’t bring us any closer to desired physical appearance.

And then one day, we decide to on a rigorous diet followed by increased sports activity. Starvation and physical torture begin. We’re doing it completely wrong! We didn’t gain weight in two weeks, so we can’t lose that same weight in a few days or weeks. Initially, our Spartan diet with a drastic reduction in food intake, popularly known as starvation, begins to give results. The weight drops 5-6 pounds, it gives us hope and optimism, but that lasts only for a short time. By eating fewer calories than necessary to maintain a basal metabolism, we’re causing a decrease in metabolic rate, accompanied by weakness and dizziness.

Sudden and excessive reduction of calorie intake leads to rapid weight loss, mostly muscle mass and water. The result on the scales is deceptive because we lost the least amount of fat. The further slowing down of the metabolism leads to an even slower loss of fat deposits, which certainly wasn’t our goal.

That’s when Geo Diet comes to the rescue. Doing things by Geo rules, you’ll show slower results, but they will be permanent and deep-rooted in the core desire to continue living that new life.

How much will it take to lose 50 pounds? It depends on what was your starting point, were you persistent and motivated, how well you understood the Geo Diet rules and were you able to remain in control.

Going on a Geo Diet means you’re accepting your new and improved life. Getting in love with nutritious food and adapting to new forms of exercising takes time. Expect you’ll need at least six months to embrace the new you. Pounds will drop one by one, and you’ll have enough time to keep track and feel every small change. Get ready for this new experience and cherish every new day.

Transforming your body and sustainably losing weight is what Geo does subtly. Geo lets you choose your own pace and lets you focus on yourself.

Just be wise and patient. It is necessary to make a diet and training plan and adhere to it in the long run until the body accepts it as a way of healthy living.

And of course, patience, please. It will take a few weeks for the first minimum results. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the weight loss story.

You shouldn’t be worried if you don’t drop 50 pounds in six months. For some people, it takes up to two years to complete this journey. Just keep in mind that two years are nothing compared to a lifetime of ultimate satisfaction.

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Final Thoughts

The conclusion is that each body is different. We can train and eat the same as someone else, and yet not achieve the same results. What is certain is that you need to be patient, because short-term, fast weight loss does not exist in the real world.

Accepting Geo as a lifestyle will teach you how to enjoy every moment and how to make life choices to make the most out of every situation. Failure and pain will follow you along, but as learn, you’ll learn how to outgrow them.

50 pounds won’t drop that easy, but with Geo Diet, they will never return. Stop waiting, start doing.

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