How Businesses Can Switch Their Water Supplier

If your business is eligible to switch business water supplier, then do not be put off by stories you may have heard, as the process is actually a quick and straightforward one. Once you have taken the decision to switch suppliers, it should take you no more than one month to complete.


There are five simple steps involved in the process of switching water suppliers. Each of these are listed below in detail.


Step One: Determine Your Water Use


Check your latest water bill to find out exactly how much water you use, how much you pay for it, and how you pay also. It will be useful to know what your annual water use is, your current payment method, current bills and charges information, and service supply point identification number or numbers (SPID).


Step Two: Check Your Current Deal

Knowing the terms of your current contract(s) will also help you to get a better deal. You can decide to switch your water supply, wastewater removal, and both water services. You may want to talk to your current water supplier to see if you can improve your current contract with them before you begin shopping around. You can compare what they are offering with other deals on offer before deciding whether to switch or not. If you are on a default tariff (also referred to as a deemed tariff) your retailer has an obligation to tell you about contracts which may be better for you.


Step Three: Shop Around

It is always good to look at what options are available to you – even if your water retailer is offering you a really good deal already. See all the licensed water retailers and find out what contracts and offers are available by visiting the retailers’ websites, checking comparison websites, contacting utility/ energy brokers and business support services for advice.


Step Four: Agree On A Deal

Speak to your chosen retailer(s) to see what they can offer your business. You should talk to your current provider too, as you may be able to negotiate a better deal. Each retailer will check and confirm your eligibility, be able to give you any other information you need, and answer your questions about the contract.


Step Five: Make Your Choice

If you are eligible to switch and wish to do so, your chosen retailer(s) will be able to start the process. While the request to switch is being processed, you have at least seven days to change your mind. This cooling-off period is in line with the distance selling regulations. You can choose to stop the switching process at any time. You do not have to give a reason to stop the switch. When the switching is complete, you will be informed and your current retailers will issue your final bill for you to pay the remaining charges. Your next water bill will be issued by your new retailer for you to pay as agreed.



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