A pergola is an outdoor structure comprising vertical columns supporting a grid of rafters and beams. Pergolas can either be attached to the house or created as a freestanding structure. In every setting, pergolas are convenient and simple additions that bring beauty to the spaces they are installed. Additionally, they allow you to make the best of your backyard with a space that invites gathering, relaxation and enjoyment. Enhance the allure of your pergola by considering practical additions like a temporary chain-link fence in Houston. Such solutions, exemplified by companies like Viking Rental, can not only provide security for your outdoor space but also complement the inviting atmosphere of your pergola, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Here are more reasons outlining why you need a pergola.

It Extends Your Living Space

While installing a deck or patio creates an aesthetic home addition, a pergola allows you to extend your home’s interior to the outdoors. When you opt for a pergola, you can turn the resultant area into a new ‘room’ by adorning it in a style that reflects your living room. As a result, you transform your pergola into a space that enhances your sitting room’s potential.

The increased potential means that your pergola has more uses than an outdoor seating area. Besides entertaining, you can utilise the space as a home office or even a arts and crafts area. However, suppose you prefer for its primary use to be a space where family and guests can enjoy the outdoors. In that case, you can add a few essential accessories to create the ultimate entertainment zone. Moreover, you can get creative by adding ambience using heat strips, screening, outdoor lights, handrails or LED lights.

Most pergolas are left with open pattern roofing where the horizontal rafters are constructed in a lattice design. However, you can enhance your pergola’s suitability for use in all conditions by installing insulation, a ceiling on the underside part of the rafters and some roofing on top. In addition, some roofing materials have infra-red filters that allow more light penetration while keeping out excess heat.


Few things are more deterrent to truly enjoying your backyard than prying eyes. The sensation of being watched can erode any feelings of comfort and relaxation you get while spending time in your backyard. This disadvantage makes the installation of a pergola the best option. A pergola’s roofing and screening or blind features allow you to create a partially secluded room that offers valuable privacy while maintaining adequate ventilation.

Pergola design companies offer various roofing options to meet a wide range of needs. They use different materials to create these roofs to allow you to take advantage of a range of benefits, thus giving you the freedom to create the right atmosphere in your pergola.

You can make your pergola’s roofing system more effective by opting for a structure installed on roof brackets. These additions leave some sections between your home’s roof and the pergola uncovered, thus creating a floating effect.

Increases Your Home Security

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you and your family feel safest. Therefore, it is crucial to preserve and enhance its security. This concern extends to your backyard, where you are likely to have some outdoor furniture, some appliances or your kids tend to leave their toys. So, to cater for the need to protect valuable home items from malicious eyes or sticky fingers, you can customise your pergola to be an additional security feature.

Some pergolas come with optional roller mechanisms to operate outdoor blinds and custom-built gates. These features make your pergola a more secure structure. As a result, you get an effective way of preserving your home’s security.

Pergolas are multi-functional home additions that never fail to enhance your home’s value. So, why delay getting one today when you can enjoy the benefits of better aesthetics, more entertaining space and increased security from one structure?

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