Hot Tips To Help Spice Up Your Sex Life And Give It A New Spark

Whether you are looking to rekindle a declining relationship or have a great one but want to add some spicy chili into the mix, sex is always the first place you should turn. There are many ways that intercourse can provide a new spark to any relationship, and the first thing is to understand what options you have.

Why You Might Want To Improve Your Sex Life

It is common for couples to neglect their sex lives due to work, stress, and other factors. However, as crazy as it seems, one of the most common issues is boredom. Getting bored with sex is possible, but only if you turn a blind eye to the endless options at your disposal. Suppose you want to improve your sex life. In that case, you must open your mind to other possibilities outside of missionary and get stuck into some of the kinkier and more exotic aspects available. For example, you could try different positions, bring in toys or even implement certain toys. These sex devices are fantastic ways to bring excitement as they break taboos, which is always a turn-on! 

Use Bondage To Bond!

Bondage is a subculture of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission (BDSM), and it’s not as terrifying as it sounds. There are various ways to introduce this into your love life, but the key is to start slowly. You can use anything from ropes to handcuffs, and the idea is to increase the pleasure you receive. It is essential both of you are comfortable with the purpose before you begin, and even if during the sex one partner wants to quit, you must oblige. Some ways to get started include:

  • Handcuffs: Retraining your partner to the bed is a great way to drive up the intensity. You can choose to be the submissive or the dominant party as they both provide pleasure. At least once, you should switch roles to get a feel for what it’s like on the other end.
  • Hair pulling: Light hair pulling is a sign of passion and dominance. It shouldn’t hurt the person getting their hair pulled but should be enough to show aggressiveness. Not everyone is into this, so take it slowly.
  • Spanking: Like hair pulling, this can be a huge turn-on for some. You can use tools or your bare hands. There is no scientific reason why some people enjoy a good spanking more than others, but it can be a great addition when in the zone.
  • Sensation play: You can use a blindfold to block out the visual stimulus. This creates an unknown to proceedings and can heighten the feelings of satisfaction. You could engage in oral on your lover when they are blindfolded and edge them to climax. As soon as they are nearly there, let off and go again. Keep going until you feel like the moment is right to pop the balloon!

Try New Positions

If you have never heard of the Kamasutra, go out and buy a copy now and make it your bible. Ancient Indians have long known the satisfaction that mixing up positions can bring. You will be incredibly amazed if you are the sort of person who doesn’t know how to manipulate a body. Some of the more standard positions include:

  • Doggy style: Most people will have tried this, but if you are one of the unfortunate people that has not attempted it yet, you’re in for a treat. Have your partner bend over on their hands and news and enter them from behind. Men love it because it gives a feeling of dominance, and they can see everything; women enjoy it because they can achieve greater penetration.
  • Reverse cowgirl: The woman on top is known as the cowboy position for obvious reasons, so the reverse is when they turn around. Women can achieve greater stimulation and can control the depth and speed.
  • Spoon: You both lie on your sides and enter your partner from a cuddling position. This is a very intimate option and is excellent for all involved.

Introduce Passion

Sometimes it is the passion that is lacking in a sexual relationship. By adding intensity and emotion, you will find yourself going crazy for each other due to more intense orgasms. Introducing passion can involve hard sex but also slow and intimate. You will have to decide how fast or slow you want to go when it arises; it isn’t something you plan.

Sex can make or break a companionship. Too many people ignore the benefits that ravishing sex can bring and let it atrophy over time. You might discover that, by following some of the tips offered here, you’ll fall in love all over again.

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