Horizontal Falls – Western Australia

The beautiful Horizontal Falls are one of the most attractive tourist spots in Western Australia. These falls are located on the coast of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. These falls are interestingly described as one of the greatest wonders of the natural world. Why? Because their formation is as a result of the break-in between the McLarty Ranges. These ranges reach up to a width of 25 meters. Interestingly, these falls run horizontally, unlike other falls of the world that run vertically. Thus, this natural phenomenon has made these falls termed as the ‘Horizontal Falls’. These falls are certainly worth a visit if you are touring in Western Australia.

The Beauty of the Horizontal Falls :

You will never encounter the amusing phenomenon of Horizontal Falls anywhere else. Why? Because these fall run horizontal, not vertical. This natural phenomenon of these beautiful falls has been created as a result of the seawater that builds up with a pace on one side of gaps than its very another side. Thus, this whole procedure creates a waterfall ranging at an altitude of 5 kilometres on the King Tide. The change in the direction of the tides creates beautiful tidal whirlpools. The Horizontal Falls are the home to various Australian communities such as Bardi, Balangarra, Uunguu, Jawa, Dambimangari, etc.

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Things to Do:

Horizontal Falls are amazingly beautiful. Take a full-day trip here at these falls to experience the most breath-taking view of your life. The serene view of the waterfalls drooling horizontally is certainly picturesque. The surroundings are serene and this is what complements the whole view at these falls. You can also visit the nearby attractions such a Broome, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm and various other places. These falls are stunningly amazing. You must pay a visit at the Horizontal Falls to get a lifetime experience.

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