Hoddles Track

Australia is a beautiful city. Many beautiful spots of this country make it one of the best holiday spots for the locals as well as visitors. The Hoddles Track of Australia is one such famous tourist spot. This track is situated in the west of Kiama in New South Wales. This track goes from the very summit of the Saddleback Mountain. This Mountain is situated at the west along a high ridge and then to south towards the Foxground. This track is named after its creator, Robert Hoddle. The Hoddles track was originally used to convey the produce to Kiama for shipping. Earlier, it stretched west to the Bowral. But post the better route came forth, this track went derelict.

Today only a small portion of the Hoddles track remains. This track has been left open for bushwalking. The summit also passes through the rainforest. This rainforest once used to cover the coastal plain.

Establishment of the Hoddles Track:

The Hoddles Track was established in the year 1830. This track today is a remnant of the Trail from Bong Bong to Kiama boat harbor. The remnant of this trail also makes way for the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve from Saddleback. As you start walking the Hobbes Track, you will find various signs. These signs will direct you towards the way of the track. The breathtaking view from the summit of this track is simply phenomenal.

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How to Get There?

Getting at the Hoddles Track is easy. You can begin the track at the western end of the summit park area of the Saddleback Mountain. Walk until you find the sign of the track.

Activities To Be Done At The Hoddles Track:

You can climb over the stile to find yourself at the Barren Grounds. The Noorinan Mountain found upwards is very steep. As you enter here, you will find yourself surrounded by a picturesque view from the summit. The remarkable rainforests at the Hoddles Track are worth your visit.

Distance and Grade: –

The Hoddles Track covers a distance of 7 km return. Time taken to reach and to come back is two hours. The track is a little steep and hence moderate to climb.

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