Here Is A Complete, Detailed Overview Of Bitcoin Price History

A Complete, Detailed Overview Of Bitcoin Price History

Everyone is aware that bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency that is free of all held by any third party. It is free of the control of any centralised bank or any government of any country. It is independent, so there is no control over its price, fall, or rise.

Functioning of Bitcoins

It makes use of the public key to conduct all transactions without any mediation from a third party to say anything about it. And these transactions are conducted over the Bitcoin Blockchain. The Blockchain is good as the ledger that operates in the bank. It keeps track of the investor’s transactions. 

Factors Responsible For Bitcoin Price

The demand-supply gap is hugely responsible for the pricing of bitcoin. And most of the time, people are willing to pay the price seeing its value which also makes the price hover from time to time. The value of Bitcoins has gone because of the numbers left. There are only 21 million bitcoins left.

Every four years, the mining of bitcoins slows down. It is then that its prices go up. But if its prices go down, it’s supply increases.

Evaluating Bitcoin Price History

How do you evaluate the value of a bitcoin? It is very simple. You can say it is a mirror of the investor’s mind, for starters. When its value increases, you can say that the investor is pleased and satisfied with it. When you see it devaluating, it simply means that the investor is not very happy with it. It was initially designed to counter the famous financial collapse of 2008. 

Times have changed, and it has become a popular mainstream transaction method by traders. People generally tend to invest in it based on its price history. So evaluating its value is the wisest way of investing in it. And while at it, it can be said that mindless speculation and transactions are highly responsible for its volatility.

Institutionalised Investments In Bitcoin

The price history of bitcoin is changing over time because of its mode of functioning. If analysed carefully, it can be seen that previously only individual investors were actively participating in it. But today, it has evolved into institutionalised investments. 

Cryptocurrency maturing and coming of age is responsible for institutional trading in the currency. So you can try your hand at crypto trading by the It ensures a smooth transaction that is equally safe and secure.

With the advent of institutions taking an active part in crypto trading, many regulating bodies have come into existence. And Cryptocurrency has matured enough to become part of mainstream trading, with many people taking part in it. This has given rise to speculations that in turn lead to its volatility.

Overview of Bitcoin Price History

Below mentioned are some instances of Bitcoin price history. Read on to know further to have an overall better understanding.

2009 – 2015– Born in 2009, it had a price tag of zero. On July 17, suddenly, its price tag was $.09. It then witnessed a continual rise since then. By April 13, 2011, it became $1 till it became $29.60 by June 7, 2011. It saw a gain of 2,960% in just three months flat. Then again, it hit bottom in November of the same year when it became $2.05. Again, by May of the year that followed it, it became $4.85 and $13.50 by Aug. This proves how volatile the currency is. 

2016 – 2020– 2016 was generally a good year for Cryptocurrency. It climbed to over $900 by year-end. In 2017, it touched $1000 until it became $2000 by mid-May. Again in December, it became $19345.49. It was then that it became so noticeable with institutions and everyone in general.

2021 – Till Date– 2021 was another good year for crypto when it crossed $40,000 on January 7. In April, it became $60,000, and then it became $63,000. Again in summer, the prices fell. This only signifies the turbulent history of the currency.


Since Cryptocurrency is very volatile, be sure of all the circumstances under which it works to rise and fall before investing. If you are unsure, then be sure to take professional advice, and you will never lose out your hard-earned money. Happy and secure crypto investing!

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