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List of books by Henry James

List of Books Henry James with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Henry James. Find my selection in date order of Henry James books.

Henry James List of Books to Read

Standalone Novels

Watch and Ward    (1871)           

Eugene Pickering     (1874)           

Roderick Hudson     (1876)           

The American           (1877)           

The Europeans         (1878)           

Daisy Miller  (1879)           

The Diary of Man of Fifty  (1879)           

An International Episode  (1879)           

Confidence   (1880)           

The Portrait of a Lady        (1881)           

Washington Square           (1881)           

The Bostonians        (1886)           

The Princess Casamassima           (1886)           

The Patagonia          (1889)           

The Lesson of the Master (1892)           

The Private Life        (1893)           

The Other House     (1896)           

The Spoils of Poynton        (1897)           

What Maisie Knew (1897)           

In the Cage   (1898)           

The Turn of the Screw       (1898)           

The Awkward Age   (1899)           

A Little Tour in France       (1990)           

The Sacred Fount    (1901)           

The Wings of the Dove      (1902)           

The Ambassadors   (1903)           

The Golden Bowl     (1904)           

The Aspern Papers  (1908)           

The Finer Grain        (1910)           

The Outcry    (1911)           

The Ivory Tower      (1917)           

The Sense of the Past        (1917)           

The Altar of the Dead         (1980)           

The Beldonald Holbein      (1992)           

Pandora        (2000)           

The Pupil       (2000)           

Short Story Collections

A Passionate Pilgrim           (1875)           

Transatlantic Sketches      (1875)           

The Lesson of the Master and Other Tales       (1892)           

The Real Thing         (1893)           

Terminations            (1893)           

Embarrassments     (1896)           

The Two Magics      (1898)           

The Soft Side            (1900)           

Collected Works      (1917)           

The Travelling Companions          (1919)           

The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories          (1945)           

The Ghostly Tales of Henry James           (1948)           

The Aspern Papers and Other Stories    (1956)           

Complete Tales        (1962)           

The Turn of the Screw and Other Short Novels           (1962)           

Selected Tales          (1969)           

The Jolly Corner       (1970)           

Complete Stories, 1892-1898      (1976)           

The Figure in the Carpet    (1976)           

Italian Hours (1977)           

A Collection of Critical Essays       (1983)           

Tales of Henry James          (1984)           

The Beast in the Jungle      (1993)           

Some Short Stories (2001)           

Selected Short Stories of Henry James  (2004)           

Standalone Plays

Pyramus and Thisbe           (1869)           

Still Waters   (1871)           

A Change of Heart  (1872)           

Henry James’ Memoirs Non-Fiction Books

A Small Boy and Others     (1913)           

Notes of a Son and a Brother      (1914)           

The Middle Years    (1917)           

Non-Fiction Books

French Poets and Novelists          (1875)           

English Hours           (1905)           

The American Scene           (1907)           

Within the Rim and Other Essays           (1918)           

Henry James Letters to A. C. Benson and Auguste Monod   (1969)           

List of books by Henry James

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Henry James.

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