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List of Books Heather Long with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Heather Long. Find my selection in date order of Heather Long books.

Heather Long List of Books to Read

Fevered Hearts Books

Marshal of Hel Dorado      (2011)           

Brave Are the Lonely          (2012)           

Micah & Mrs Miller            (2012)           

A Fistful of Dreams (2013)           

Raising Kane (2013)           

Wanted: Fevered or Alive (2014)           

Wild and Fevered    (2014)           

The Quick and the Fevered           (2015)           

A Man Called Wyatt           (2017)           

Forbidden Legacy Books

Cassandra’s Dilemma         (2012)           

Jacob’s Trial  (2012)           

Hels’s Gauntlet        (2012)           

Always a Marine Books

Once Her Man, Always Her Man (2012)           

Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here   (2012)           

Tell It to the Marine           (2012)           

Proud to Serve Her (2012)           

Her Marine   (2012)           

No Regrets, No Surrender            (2012)           

Merry Christmas Marine, Semper Fi, & Good Night  (2012)           

The Marine Cowboy           (2012)           

The Two and the Proud     (2013)           

A Marine and a Gentleman          (2013)           

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot     (2013)           

Combat Barbie        (2013)           

What Part of Marine Don’t You Understand? (2013)           

A Marine Affair        (2013)           

Marine Ever After   (2013)           

Marine in the Wind            (2013)           

Marine with Benefits         (2013)           

A Marine of Plenty  (2013)           

A Candle for a Marine        (2013)           

Marine Under the Mistletoe        (2013)           

Have Yourself a Marine Christmas          (2013)           

Lest Old Marines Be Forgot          (2013)           

Her Marine Bodyguard      (2014)           

Smoke & Marines   (2017)           

Witches of Mane Street

The Witch Singer    (2016)           

Bridget’s Witch’s Diary      (2017)           

The Witched Away Bride   (2017)           

Special Forces Operation Alpha Books

Securing Arizona     (2017)           

Protecting Pilar       (2018)           

Guarding Gertrude (2018)           

Publication of Brotherhood Protectors Novellas

Chasing Katie           (2018)           

Wrangling Wanda  (2018)           

Boomers Books

Yesterday’s Heroes (2012)           

The Judas Contact  (2016)           

Deadly Genesis        (2016)           

Unstoppable            (2017)           

Heroes of Tomorrow          (2017)           

Chance Monroe Books

Earth Witches Aren’t Easy            (2013)           

Plan Witch From Out Of Town    (2015)           

Bad Witch Rising     (2015)           

Soulgirls Books

Into the Spotlight   (2013)           

Taking the Stage     (2013)           

Waiting in the Wings         (2013)           

Playing Against Type          (2014)           

Behind the Curtain (2014)           

Going Royal Books

Some Like It Royal  (2014)           

Some Like It Scandalous    (2014)           

Some Like It Deadly            (2014)           

Some Like it Secret (2014)           

Some Like it Easy     (2015)           

Her Marine Prince  (2016)           

Wolves of Willow Bend Books

Wolf at Law  (2014)           

Wolf Bite       (2014)           

Caged Wolf   (2014)           

Wolf Claim    (2014)           

Wolf Next Door       (2015)           

Rogue Wolf  (2015)           

Bayou Wolf  (2015)           

Untamed Wolf         (2015)           

Wolf with Benefits  (2015)           

River Wolf     (2015)           

Single Wicked Wolf            (2015)           

Desert Wolf  (2015)           

Snow Wolf    (2016)           

Wolf on Board         (2016)           

Shadow Wolf           (2017)           

His Moonstruck Wolf         (2017)           

Thunder Wolf          (2017)           

Ghost Wolf   (2017)           

Outlaw Wolves        (2019)           

Wolf Unleashed      (2019)           

Mongrels Books

Mischief, Mongrels and Mayhem           (2014)           

Love Thieves Books

Catch Me      (2016)           

Treasure Me (2016)           

Hunt Me        (2016)           

Space Cowboy Books

Space Cowboy Survival Guide      (2016)           

Showdown at the Omega Kilo Space Station   (2017)           

Bravo Team WOLF Books


When Danger Bites            (2017)           

Bitten Under Fire    (2018)           

Lone Star Leathernecks Books

Semper Fi Cowboy  (2017)           

As You Were, Cowboy       (2017)           

Tales Of The Arcana Royale Books

The Greek Hero’s Lost Librarian  (2017)           

The Legal Vampire’s Golden Goddess    (2017)           

The Vampire Prince’s Missing Mistress (2017)           

The White Tiger Shifter’s Wild Amazon (2017)           

The Witchborn Detective’s Porcelain Prisoner            (2017)           

The Greek Hero’s Lost Librarian  (2017)           

Madison The Witch Hunter Books

Every Witch Way But Floosey’s   (2018)           

Heart Of The Nebula Books

Queenmaker            (2019)           

Deal Breaker (2019)           

Untouchable Books

Rules and Roses      (2019)           

Standalone Novels

Haunt Me     (2014)           

Shaken           (2014)           

Semper Fi Cowboy  (2017)           

Short Stories/Novellas

Its Not Always As It Appeaars      (2011)           

Looking for a Saviour         (2011)           

Keeping Karen         (2016)           

Pryde and Precious (2016)           

Hometown Heartbreaker  (2016)           

Short Story Collections

Dark Fates (with Lia Davis, Marie Harte, Ann Mayburn, Rebecca Royce and Carrie Ann Ryan)     (2014)           

Under a Wolf Moon (with Cara Carnes, Saranna DeWylde, Virginia Nelson and Rebecca Royce)       (2015)           

Elite Ghosts (with Anna Alexander, Saranna DeWylde, Jennifer Kacey, Rebecca Royce and Sabrina York)   (2015)           

Wicked (with Virginia Nelson and Rebecca Royce)     (2015)           

The Witch Singer Collection         (2019)                                   

List of books by Heather Long

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Heather Long.

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