Happy New Year 2016 wishes and Greetings

Happy New Year 2016 wishes and Greetings :-  The New year is a special event as many people start it like starting a new life with new passion, resolutions and plans to follow. Whatever, our motives are for the upcoming time but we should celebrate this time with warm feelings and wishing others heartily.

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Here are a few Happy New Year 2016 Wishes Greetings and Messages especially for the all of you. May you be showered with all the happiness, and may you spread a lot of smiles in the form of these wishes. Sometimes, a simple wish is enough to lighten their days!

Happy New Year 2016 Wishes and Greetings Messages

It is that time of the year where everyone enjoys,
Some because the previous year ended,
And some because a New Year set in;
I hope you are happy for both.
Happy New Year 2016!


Because it is a New Year,
I am going to wish you.
However, more than wish,
This is love and regards.
Happy New Year 2016!


Now that New Year has arrived,
Let us all take some time out,
And wish each other the greatest of joys;
And a little of genuine blessings!
Happy New Year 2016!


Words may not be enough,
But intentions are indeed pure.
Celebrations may fade,
But the glory remains.
Happy New Year 2016!


Isn’t it time enough to get your party clothes on?
And then, well, then it is time to celebrate the old;
And welcome the new!
Here is to a Happy New Year 2016!


To the good, and the bad;
Or the happy and the sad,
Let us all bid farewell to 2015;
And welcome 2016.
Happy New Year 2016!


Time and again we fall,
But every time we get up stronger.
To those moments of weakness,
And the strength thereafter;
Here is time for a Happy New Year 2016!


Lights and candles are lit,
Balloons and bottles are ready;
All that we need now is a New Year wish,
And here it is.
Happy New Year 2016!


Life is too short to think of negatives,
And life is indeed a roller coaster ride.
Let the negatives make you strong,
And the positives help you get motivation.


This New Year,
Find the good in everything!
Happy New Year 2016!

So this is it. Share these Happy New Year 2016 Wishes Greetings and Messages with one and all. You never know who might be waiting for your wish! Happy wishing!


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