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List of books by Hannah Howell

List of Books Hannah Howell with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Hannah Howell. Find my selection in date order of Hannah Howell books.

Hannah Howell List of Books to Read

Highland Brides Books

His Bonnie Bride aka Amber Flame         (1988)           

Promised Passion aka Highland Wedding         (1988)           

Reckless (as by Anna Jennet)       (1993)           

Murray Family Books

Highland Destiny     (1998)           

Highland Honor       (1998)           

Highland Promise    (1999)           

Highland Vow          (2000)           

Highland Knight       (2001)           

Highland Bride         (2002)           

Highland Angel        (2003)           

Highland Barbarian (2006)           

Highland Savage      (2007)           

Highland Wolf          (2008)           

Highland Sinner       (2008)           

Highland Protector (2010)           

Highland Hero          (2012)           

Highland Avenger   (2012)           

Highland Master     (2013)           

Highland Guard       (2015)           

Highland Chieftain  (2016)           

Highland Devil          (2018)           

MacEnroys Books

Highland Groom      (2003)           

Highland Warrior    (2004)           

Camerons Books

Highland Conqueror           (2005)           

Highland Champion            (2005)           

Highland Lover        (2006)           

Wherlocke Books

If He’s Wicked          (2009)           

If He’s Sinful (2009)           

If He’s Wild   (2010)           

If He’s Dangerous    (2011)           

If He’s Tempted       (2013)           

If He’s Daring           (2014)           

If He’s Noble (2015)           

Seven Brides For Seven Scotsmen Books

The Scotsman Who Saved Me     (2017)           

When You Love a Scotsman         (2017)           

The Scotsman Who Swept Me Away     (2019)           

Standalone Novels

A Taste of Fire (as by Sarah Dustin)        (1988)           

Compromised Hearts         (1989)           

Elfking’s Lady aka Highland Captive        (1990)           

Stolen Ecstasy          (1991)           

Conqueror’s Kiss     (1991)           

Beauty and the Beast        (1992)           

Silver Flame  (1992)           

Wild Conquest         (1993)           

Kentucky Bride        (1994)           

My Valiant Knight   (1995)           

Only for You (1995)           

Fire (as by Anna Jennet) aka Highland Fire       (1996)           

My Lady Captor (as by Anna Jennet)      (1996)           

Unconquered           (1996)           

Wild Roses    (1997)           

A Stockingful of Joy            (1999)           

Highland Hearts      (2002)           


Highland Beast (with Victoria Dahl and Heather Grothaus) (2009)                                               

List of books by Hannah Howell

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Hannah Howell.


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