Habit Makeovers That Will Help You Turn Your Life Around – Day 86

Max Ignatius Atlas Year Of Change Day 86

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I made sure my alarm was set for this morning, but I was able to wake up at my usual time without it. I know it’s better to be safe than sorry, but I can’t help but get annoyed when stuff like this happens. Oh well, I still had a pleasant morning, so I really have no reason to complain.

Work went pretty well today. I’ve asked to take on more responsibilities in order to keep myself disciplined. I’ve been finding my job a lot more enjoyable lately, and that’s really great, but I feel like I’d be doing myself a disservice if I don’t keep challenging myself. This first day with an increased workload was tough–I had to get up and stretch a lot just to stay focused. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, though. A bit of extra pay will also be nice!

Daily Image Year of Change Day 86 #YOC

I had my socks on and only realised once I sorted the image out, the garage was a bit chilly so today you don’t get to see my ankles.

How to Stop Being Lazy and Take Control – Day 86
Day 86 Year Of Change Max Atlas
Body transformation in 12 months from fat to fit  day 86

I decided to go on a run for tonight’s cardio since the weather outside was nice followed by intense HIIT. Taking in the evening’s scenery was a nice change of pace, but it’s hard to fully appreciate the sights and sounds when you’re busy sucking wind. Seriously, I was so tired and sore by the end of my workout, I might end up oversleeping even with an alarm!

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 86

Meals are going really well and my juices and smoothies and delicious offering just enough variety to stay interested.

Geo Diet Day 86 Plan
BreakfastBananas Protein Shake (252 cal)
LunchChicken Breast
Greek Yogurt

Mixed Salad
SupperApple, Strawberry Juice
SnackMixed Nuts
Easy Flourless Low Carb Flax Seed Cookies
Daily Meal Plan Geo Lifestyle Day 86

Year of Change 
Max Ignatius Atlas 
Change Perception
Change Life

Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 86

Accountability CalendarHourly Update
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
05:00Woke to alarm
Ready for jog 05:15
06:00Jog + Meditate
.30 Car park Routine
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 Break + 10 min walk
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
18:00Work – Start Commute Home 17:45
House Hold Chores
19:00Activites with Kids
20:00Eat evening meal
.30Played family game
.30 Supper
Worked on my book/blog
.30Final blog checks and
house check + Packed lunch
Geo Life Accountability Daily Planner – Day 86 Year of Change

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Daily Exercise Planner Day 86 Geo Life Year of Change

I have increase the weight again as I would like to build some muscles. I can working out as i progress a clear routine and as I am gaining strength and flexibility I intend to ramp up the workouts significantly in terms of weight, however I am trying to prefect form presently, and ever at 25 KG I can feel the burn significantly.

Type Of ExerciseRepetitions
Jogging90 Mins with sprints 10 seconds x8
LEVEL 4 HIIT Intermediate Plus
25kg Rice Sack Bench Press
25kg Rice Sack Bicep Curl
25kg Rice Sack Shoulder Press
25kg Rice Sack Bent-Over Row
25kg Rice Sack One Arm Swing
25kg Rice Sack Calf Raise
25kg Rice Sack Triceps Kickback
25kg Rice Sack Lateral Raise
25kg Rice Sack Lying Dumbbell Fly
25kg Rice Sack Glute Bridge
25kg Rice Sack Russian Twist
25kg Rice Sack Jack Knives
25kg Rice Sack Tricep Extensions
Day 86 Year Of Change Fit by 40 Exercises

Quote of the Day

Put all excuses aside and remember this: You are capable.– Zig Ziglar

Day 86 of the Year of Change Wrap Up

Day 86 has been a great day, super happy with the progress and working towards success. I have not idea what the future hold, I have no idea if anyone with than a handful of folks is reading this, but I do know that I am growing and changing and enjoying life more and maybe that’s enough.

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#YOC Max Atlas Day 86
How to Stop Being Lazy and Take Control – Day 86

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The Benefits and Challenges of Getting Fit – Day 41

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