Guided Meditation to Gain Abundance and Prosperity ( Law of Attraction )

Start Your Day with Vitality

Please enjoy my beautiful guided meditation to help you through your struggles Start Your Day with Vitality.

Welcome, my friend. In this meeting, we will be focusing only on your abundant inner light. You are capable of great things, did you know that? For that reason, you are here today preparing yourself for a joyous experience.

Today you will immerse yourself in your mind, and you will discover how powerful it is: with your mind, you can control your body; you can make life bright and turn dark moments into passing shadows. You are valuable, brave, and positive, so I will tell you a secret before starting this session: you can make your days more beautiful.

(Short pause)

Let’s begin by finding a quiet place where you can get away from the noise and the outside world. You can sit on a comfortable chair or the floor. What is important is that your back is straight so that the positive energies of the Universe can run freely along your body. You should also make sure that your head is in line with your shoulders. When you are ready, you can close your eyes and focus only on my words.

(Middle pause)

Your head begins to rid itself of noises and worries slowly. You inhale slowly, appreciating how your chest fills with fresh air, and then you exhale. You are letting go of your fears; you are freeing yourself from everything that anchors you and doesn’t allow you to fly. You inhale gently and exhale calmly. You are allowing your mind to fill with light.

You feel your muscles relax; you are able to listen to your heartbeat, to appreciate how the blood flows through your veins. Now that you are relaxed, you understand that the time has come to fill yourself up with good vibes. You thank the Universe for allowing you to breathe; you thank the sky for giving you the strength to get up and enjoy another beautiful day.

(Short pause)

If at any moment you feel that you are losing your concentration, simply stay calm, focus on your breathing, becoming aware of what is going on in your mind. You can move away from your thoughts and concentrate on peaceful emptiness.

(Short pause)

This is a space where anything external is meaningless and senseless; here you are the center of everything. You inhale slowly, exhale softly. Right now, you are connecting with your essence: you are allowing yourself to feel that you have the power to control how you perceive your world. You were born with special and unique qualities, my friend. You are able to master your soul, to smile even in times of hardship. You patiently inhale, hold it in your chest for a few seconds, then exhale. You are rediscovering your north. You are directing your energies towards the path you desire and are destined to travel.

(Middle pause)

You are here, in the now, and you are fine.

You feel great being a unique person.

Life is changeable, surprising, and full of mysteries, and that’s all right.

You are great and possess qualities that make you exceptional.

You are at the best time to accomplish your goals.

You are charged with positive vibrations.

The environment improves when you are around.

You are protected by forces beyond your understanding.

Your life path is safe, exciting, and full of beautiful details.

You can decide to feel good.

You can control how your mind perceives your world.

You can make your days more beautiful.

(Short pause)

Your mind is being filled with light, you are able to see your big picture clearly. You have a beautiful life; you have everything you need to get ahead. You are opening yourself to your world by accepting a high probability of wonderful things happening to you. Your body is relaxing; your spirit is filling with vitality. You inhale patiently, hold the air in your chest for one, two, three seconds, then exhale.

(Short pause)

You thank the sun for shining brightly on our world. You thank your heart for beating, for allowing you to enjoy the beautiful life you have. You thank the wind for caressing and refreshing your body when you walk from one place to another. You thank the Universe for protecting you in every step you take, for giving you the best opportunities to become the person you are meant to be. You thank your skin for allowing you to feel when a loved one hugs you. You thank yourself for being vibrant, brilliant, unique, and unrepeatable. You accept that you love your existence. You accept that you love yourself as you are.

(Short pause)

You let go of everything that hinders you. You allow fears, worries, and uncertainty to disappear from your center. Now, all that abounds in you is calm, steadiness, well-being, and brightness. You accept that you can live intensely, that you will overcome any abyss, and that you will be victorious in every battle. You are great, brave, and fortunate. You are wise; you understand that you have full control of your soul; you understand that you can decide to be happy. No problem can disturb your harmony; no shadows can extinguish your light.

(Short pause)

Gently inhale and exhale. You can make your days brighter, and you know it. You can fill your existence with light; you are protected by something supreme, magnificent, and omnipotent. There are no doubts in your soul. Everything in you is filled with security. You inhale slowly, thanking heaven for starting your morning by dedicating time to yourself, and then you exhale. We have finished this session, my friend. You can open your eyes when you feel ready.

Max Ignatius Atlas

I am Max I Atlas, founder and a primary contributor to Welcome to my journey towards both physical and mental well-being, where we will explore staying in shape while rapidly approaching forty.

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