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List of books by Graham Ison

List of Books Graham Ison with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Graham Ison. Find my selection in date order of Graham Ison books.

Graham Ison List of Books to Read

Gaffney and Tipper Books

The Cold Light of Dawn     (1988)           

Confirm or Deny      (1989)           

The Home Secretary Will See You Now (1989)           

A Damned Serious Business         (1990)           

Tommy Fox Books

Lead Me to the Slaughter (1990)           

The Laundry Man    (1991)           

Tomfoolery   (1992)           

Snowdrop     (1992)           

The Taming of Tango Harris         (1993)           

Underneath the Arches     (1994)           

Rough Diamonds    (1995)           

Brock and Poole Books

Working Girl (2001)           

Light Fantastic         (2003)           

Whiplash       (2004)           

Kicking the Air          (2005)           

Whispering Grass   (2005)           

Drumfire       (2006)           

Lost or Found          (2007)           

Jack in the Box         (2008)           

Breach of Privilege  (2009)           

All Quiet on Arrival (2010)           

Gunrunner    (2011)           

Make Them Pay       (2012)           

Reckless Endangerment    (2014)           

Exit Stage Left          (2015)           

Suddenly at Home  (2016)           

Deadlock       (2018)           

Naked Flames          (2019)           

Hardcastle Books

Hardcastle’s Spy      (2003)           

Hardcastle’s Armistice       (2004)           

Hardcastle’s Conspiracy    (2005)           

Hardcastle’s Airmen           (2006)           

Hardcastle’s Actress           (2007)           

Hardcastle’s Burglar           (2008)           

Hardcastle’s Mandarin      (2009)           

Hardcastle’s Soldiers          (2009)           

Hardcastle’s Obsession      (2011)           

Hardcastle’s Frustration    (2012)           

Hardcastle’s Traitors          (2013)           

Hardcastle’s Quartet          (2014)           

Hardcastle’s Collector        (2015)           

Hardcastle’s Runaway       (2017)           

Hardcastle’s Quandary      (2018)           

Standalone Novels

Blue Murder (1996)           

Division          (1996)           

The House at Oxford Square        (2012)

List of books by Graham Ison

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Graham Ison.

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