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Ten of My Favourite Gordon Ramsay Quotes 

Love reading? Then it’s likely you will love a good quote from your favourite author. This article covers Gordon Ramsay’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes that we at Australia Unwrapped have collected from some of his greatest works. Gordon Ramsay quotes to remember and here you will find 10 of the best. A memorable quote can stay with you and can be used along your journey. Choosing Gordon Ramsay’s top 10 quotes is not easy, but here they are:

Popular Quotes

“Don’t take it personally. Just take it seriously.”
― Gordon Ramsay

 “But I love women chefs: they are intelligent, they are fast learners, and they can be tough. As for the effect the have on the boys, its entirely positive. Put a woman in a kitchen and discipline will improve, if anything: the guys have being told off in front of the girls. It’s a playground thing – they just find it embarrassing.”
― Gordon Ramsay, Humble Pie

“To walk into an office and have your ‘good morning’ returned with a grunt and no eye contact is not my idea of a happy house. There is always time to acknowledge that Someone is more important than Something, even if it takes a couple of precious minutes.”
― Gordon Ramsay, Playing With Fire Signed Edition

 “I recall when we opened in New York how the designer locks were impossible to slide shut, often leading to a difficult encounter no matter which side of the door you were on.”
― Gordon Ramsay, Playing With Fire Signed Edition

 “Addicts are selfish, the most selfish people you’ll ever meet. And self-pitying. And manipulative. Always making promises they’ll never keep. They disgust me.”
― Gordon Ramsay, Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen

 “Swearing is industry language. For as long as we’re alive it’s not going to change. You’ve got to be boisterous to get results.
Gordon Ramsay”
― Gordon Ramsay

“The minute you start compromising for the sake of massaging somebody’s ego, that’s it, game over.”
― Gordon Ramsay

 “eh! All of you! come here!! taste it! taste it, taste it, taste it!!!”
― Gordon Ramsay

“That’s common sense Joe! And your tiny mind is not common!”
― Gordon Ramsay

“Don’t just stand there like a big fucking muffin!”
― Gordon Ramsay

10 Famous Quotes by Author Gordon Ramsay

10 quotes by Gordon Ramsay there you go! It’s never an easy task picking the best quotations from great writers, so please if you disagree or have more to add, please comment and share your opinions. My 10 greatest Gordon Ramsay quotes will likely be different from yours; however, that’s the best thing about them, each quote can mean something different to each person. So don’t wait, comment and shares your best Gordon Ramsay Quote. 

One Final Bonus – Gordon Ramsay Quote 

“I don’t think people grasp the real me when they see me on television. I’ve got the wonderful family, the big house, the flash car. I run several of the world’s best restaurants. I’m running round, cursing and swearing, telling people what to do. They probably think: that flash bastard. But my life, like most people’s, is about hard work. It’s about success. Beyond that, though, something else is at play. I’m as driven as any man you’ll ever meet. When I think about myself, I still see a little boy who is desperate to escape, and keen to please. I just keep going, moving as far away as possible from where I began. Work is who I am, who I want to be. I sometimes think that if I were to stop working, I’d stop existing.”

― Gordon Ramsay, Humble Pie

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