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Top 10 Things to do in Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Australia – Top Ten If you are too bored of the routine daily life and want the thrill back in your life, then Gold Coast in Australia is the place to be. Located in Queensland, Gold Coast is popular amongst all types of tourists – from the country as well as internationally. Families to backpackers – Gold Coast imbues ‘life’ into every person visiting the places. It’s a natural haven where you can let your soul and mind run free – free of any tensions of the world, which is why the Gold Coast draws the attention of tourists worldwide.

Whether you are planning for a family vacation to get out of the humdrum life or looking for a solo backpacking trip to explore the world, make sure you start with Gold Coast. It’s guaranteed that you will have some of the best moments of your life here and you long to relive the moments again and again. Yes, that’s the magic of the Gold Coast. Visitors to the region have always been awestruck by the vibrancy of the place and before you get lost in the ethereal beauty of the place, here is a small ‘must visit’ list that will help you plan your holiday better.


Gold Coast Australia – Top Ten Surfers Paradise :

Let’s begin with the best on the list – Surfers Paradise. It indeed is a paradise, not only for surfers but for all types of people who visit the Gold Coast with a variety of expectations. Some want to relish the local cuisines, some like the glamour of the top-notch hotels, some like the frolicking events while some are just here to be a part of the beach culture. Whichever category you may belong to, you will find your dreams come true at the Surfers Paradise. With pubs, recreational and scenic activities, the best accommodations, the fantastic delis and a lot more, Surfers Paradise is the place to hit once you are on Gold Coast. No denying the fact that it’s one of the most popular tourist spots in Australia and, probably, in the world too.

Getting there

Being one of the most important locales, reaching Surfers Paradise is quite easy. A drive of about 15-20 minutes will take you from to the place from important hotels like the Sheraton Mirage, Palazzo Versace and such and will cost around $20-$25. If you are hiring a cab from the Airport on Gold Coast, the ride will cost you about $80.

Gold Coast Australia – Top Ten Main Beach :

Exceptions are rare. And when you think of exceptionally beautiful and scenic beaches in Australia and even in the world, the Main Beach on Gold Coast ought to be on your list. Yes, it’s one of nature’s best gifts to the world and missing out on it would be a great loss, especially if you are in Queensland or Gold Coast. Its quintessential beauty together with its vibrant city lifestyle makes it a favourite amongst the tourist. Whether you are planning on some wild surfing sessions or just lazy strolls along the golden beaches – the Main beach is a dream come true for all those who want a piece of Neverland amidst the facilities of a city.

Getting there

If you are staying at one of the many posh hotels in the region like the Palazzo Versace or the Sheraton Mirage, the Main Beach will be within a walking distance of about 5 minutes. However, if you are arriving from the Airport, a cab ride will cost around $80 and take approximately 40-50 minutes.

Gold Coast Australia –  Hinterland :

If you are thinking that Gold Coast just has a whole lot of beaches, then you are wrong my friend. Gold Coast is known to be the home to natural beauties and nature isn’t complete without its greenery. Yes, the forests and the rainforest of the Gold Coast is something of unspeakable beauty. The Hinterland together with the surrounding regions like Mount Tamborine, Scenic Rim, Lamington National Park makes up one of the most important tourist attractions of the Gold Coast. From bushwalks to treetop walks, you can enjoy your day amidst the lush green beauties of the Hinterland.

Getting there

The Hinterland is quite a distance from downtown and will take about half an hour to drive with cab fares summing to around $60-$70.

Theme Parks :

If you have kids along with you or you want some fun, then the theme parks in the Gold Coast will be your best choice. With a wide variety of theme parks like Dream World, Sea World, Movie World, Wet n Wild and several others, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether it’s the Storm Coaster at Sea World or the Tiger Show at Dream World, you are sure to enjoy each moment of your time spent at these parks. Why deny yourself the freedom and fun that your young heart desires when you can easily make a trip to any or all of these fantabulous places.

Gold Coast Australia – Currumbin :

Do you like to explore the real beauties and hidden gems of a place? Well then, you ought to make a trip to Currumbin. With swimming holes, surf sites, fishing in the creeks, steep mountainsides and greenery all around, Currumbin can be one of the ideal spots to enjoy a weekend escapade or a day amidst the fun on the Gold Coast. Even the region lies very close to downtown CBD, it retains its calm and surreal nature as a treat for those nature lovers to wish to unwind in the laps of Mother Nature. Apart from the rich flora, you can enjoy a diverse display of fauna too at the Currumbin Wildlife Park.

Getting there

A drive of about 20 minutes from the CBD will take you to Currumbin and a one-way cab fare will sum up to around $60-$65.

Gold Coast Australia – Stradbroke Island :

Although this isn’t quite ‘in’ Gold Coast, it’s one of the most popular destinations that tourists travel to from the Gold Coast and various other parts of Australia. The reason? Well, Stradbroke ranks among the largest sand islands that exist all over the world. But is that all? No, people do not flock to the island because of its size, but more because it is one of the best treasures that Australia has to offer for true nature lovers. Miles of white sand along with sparkling, clear water makes Stradbroke Island a piece of a beautiful, scenic dream. Whether you are a photographer or a layman, you will undoubtedly be bowled over by the beauty of the place. So, even if the place is a bit far off from Gold Coast, don’t even think of giving it a miss. You will miss out on a piece of heaven.

Getting there

You can avail of cabs from the CBD or the Airport. The journey to the Ferry will take around 2-2.30 hours and cost around $200-$300. A small ferry ride will take you to the island of your dreams.

  • The Spit :

Another spot of almost virgin beauty here on the Gold Coast. Starting from the Main beach, the Spit stretches for about 5km and finally ends in the seaway forming a great location to enjoy a lot of fun activities and incredible shopping experiences. This sandy isthmus is the favourite place for tourists as well as locals to buy fresh fish at Peter’s Fish Market, munch on chips and fish, enjoy picnics and activities in the Sea World, Marina Mirage, Fisherman’s Wharf and so much more.

Getting there

As mentioned, the Spit originates at the Main Beach and so accessing this incredible place is very easy. You can hire a cab and for a fare of about $20, it will take you to the Spit from the CBD.

Gold Coast Australia – Broadbeach :

Much like Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach is an ideal spot to stay with your kids and family and have a good family time with activity centres, safe beaches, sub-tropical parks, exquisite dining experiences, a vibrant nightlife and even the casinos. Not that the place is for families only. Whether you are vacationing with your friends or solo, the Broadbeach has no dearth of offerings. You can play away at the popular casinos or enjoy a drink or two at the pubs – all in a safe and controlled surroundings.

Getting there

The simplest way to reach the Broadbeach is by hiring a cab that will take about a quarter of an hour and cost about $30.

Gold Coast Australia –Burleigh Heads :

If you want to avoid the clamouring of the suburban locales of the Gold Coast, then the beachfront of Burleigh Heads is there to welcome you to a world of peace and quality family time. With great barbecue options, offshore surfing, great surf breaks, cricket facilities, the Burleigh Heads or locally known as ‘the Point’ is one of the favourites of the tourist families visiting the Gold Coast. You can also enjoy a galore of water sports and activities at the popular Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park.

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Getting there

This great weekend escapade lies at a distance of about 16 km from CBD and the cab fare will total about $50.

Gold Coast Australia – Shopping centres:

This is one of the must-visit destinations of any vacation, whether you are travelling alone, with friends or with your family. To you, shopping may be an arduous task, but your friends and family members will surely love to pick up a thing or two (or ten or twenty) for themselves or the family and knowing the best markets in the region can save you time and effort. While each suburb in the Gold Coast has its series of exquisite shops and stalls offering anything that you may be willing to buy, yet special mention must be made of the Carrara markets, Pacific Fair Shopping Center, Harbor Town Mall and Village Markets in Burleigh Heads.

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