Going Live On Twitch: A Beginner’s Streaming Tutorial

Wondering if you should enter the world of streamers or not? Do it already! Almost everyone from the age of 18 to 24 engages with streams regularly. Streaming platforms like Twitch have become a part of their daily lives, influencing more and more viewers every day. Hence, the streaming industry is growing faster than ever, showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

If you are ready to enter this fascinating world of live streaming on Twitch, let me help you. In this post, I will walk you through the fundamentals of Twitch streaming. From the login details to how to earn Twitch followers, I will cover you from every corner. So, if you want to take this beginner’s guide, continue reading below!

How To Get Started On Twitch?

Twitch started as a gaming-first platform. Gamers would regularly stream their matches live, and viewers would actively engage and interact. However, in recent times, Twitch has expanded by including all genres. 

According to the report for 2022, Twitch streams saw 6.13 billion watch hours, along with 73% of active users daily on the mobile app. Since creators and viewers have increased vehemently throughout the years, competition to secure an established follower base has also heightened. So, it can be a daunting task to begin a fresh journey. However, it is not impossible.

Below, I have given the basics of how to stream on Twitch and effective ways of increasing engagement in a short period of time. So, let us get started.

Create Your Twitch Account

Here is how you can get started on the Twitch platform:

  • Review Guidelines: Before anything, make sure you review the Twitch guidelines and abide by them. 
  • Sign Up: To sign up, download the Twitch app or go to the website. Choose a username and set your password. 
  • Two-factor Authentication: You have to enable two-factor authentication if you want to start broadcasting. Verify your email in the Security and Privacy settings to enable 2FA. 

Choose Your Streaming Software

Once you have created your account, it is time to choose your streaming software. Since you will be mostly broadcasting on your desktop or laptop, you have to download streaming software. You cannot download the app on your laptop or desktop, and hence, without software, you will not be able to broadcast. Below are some popular software you can use: 

  • OBS Studio: It is free streaming software with cross-platform compatibility. 
  • Streamlabs: If you want more user-friendly software, Streamlabs will be the better alternative. However, it is only available on Windows. 
  • Restream Studio: It is a browser-based streaming software with multiple features. It is the best option for beginners. 

Regarding the hardware, all you need is a PC or smartphone, a webcam, and a mic. With these essentials, you can start streaming on Twitch. 

Tips For Streaming On Twitch

Now that you know how to create an account, let me give you some proven tips to grow your streaming presence. 

As a beginner, you might get fewer audiences and slow growth. But success will come with time. So, you have to trust the process and be consistent  However, you can kickstart your channel by buying easy followers and views from trusted websites. You will get real-time users in an instant, and they will help you improve your account activity in a short period of time.

Nevertheless, below are some organic tips to grow your Twitch presence and stream like a pro. 

Bring Energy

No matter how good your niche or content is, if you do not put energy into your streaming, the audience will fall out. Always be present, appear lively, and respond actively. Do not be shy about expressing your emotions and feeling every word you say. 

As a beginner, you might feel low and unwilling to put in 100% of your effort due to a low viewer count. However, you never know when someone will start viewing your stream. Hence, carry your energy throughout the stream. 

Use Chat Bot

Once you have a stable number of viewers, make use of chatbots. There are many of them, like Nightbot, StreamElements, Wizebot, etc. All of them perform well and will come in handy during your streams. 

You need chatbots to help you delegate some parts of your work. While streaming, you cannot control everything. Hence, bots will help you make alerts in the chat, interact with the viewers, and carry out auto-moderation. You can also guide the bots to play games in the chat, earn points, and send messages asking viewers to subscribe to your channel. 

Bright Presentation

If you want to be a pro streamer, you have to present yourself like one. With unique and extraordinary overlays for your channel, you will naturally attract viewers. So, the way your channel looks on Twitch can make a huge difference to your Twitch career. 

Moreover, make yourself available on other platforms as well. Whenever you are planning to start your stream, write about it on Facebook, Instagram, or even X and let your followers know. Then again, only if you have attractive overlays will your followers be keen to join your stream. 


The Twitch streaming industry has been growing with speed in recent times. Many streamers have started earning good money by streaming videos and educating the audience. So, if you put in your heart and soul, you can become the next best streamer in no time.

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