Global News Summary – 27/01/2017 – World Headlines

Key Events Around the World– 27/01/2017 – World Headlines

China announces plan to deploy her Intercontinental Ballistic Missile – Global News Summary – 27/01/2017

Global News Summary – 27/01/2017 – The Chinese surprised many with a sudden move recently. The Chinese announced recently that it is getting set to deploy her Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The missile which is claimed by the Chinese to be the longest-range nuclear missile in the world can carry up to twelve nuclear warheads and can travel across the continent reaching continents faraway from Asia.

The announcement seems to carry a warning message to the US President. It appears the Chinese authority are using the deployment of the ICBM as a warning message that Chinese interests in the South China sea will be protected by all means especially to Donald Trump to steer him of the path of assertiveness concerning the actions of China in the South China sea. The Chinese also made statements about improving the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Technology. The missile is currently in North China region.

China has called the missile, Dong Fest (code name: DF- 41). The DF- 41 has some exceptions in its target range, South America and some parts of Antarctica.


Brexit Effect on Air- Transport Business: Airbus Chief Cautions UK MPs – Global News Summary – 27/01/2017

The chief of air- transport giant “Airbus” has cautioned that the company would be seriously affected negatively if the UK’s decision to leave EU creates an obstacle to the movement of people and products. Tom Williams told the UK MPs that whatever the outcome of the Brexit deal should be,it was important to ensure the free movement of Airbus products and workers around Europe.

As stated by Tom William, US competitors would be delighted to take advantage of any obstacles created in taking over Airbus position in the air transport market. If the UK remains with the EU, it would make sense economically in regard to free trade and easy recruitment of foreign personnel with much-needed technical abilities.

Airbus is an aircraft company with its headquarters in Toulouse, France. The company has 1800 UK citizens working around Europe and is responsible for over 15,000 UK jobs.


US Election Fraud Allegation: Trump makes claim and pledges investigation – – Global News Summary – 27/01/2017

President Donald Trump has stated that his administration will investigate the US voting process for voter fraud. He made claims that millions of illegal votes were cast during the presidential elections. These millions of votes are believed to be caste in favor of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The president who was newly sworn-in said proper inquiries will be made regarding those who were enrolled to vote in two states but were illegal voters. He also said they will concentrate on fishing out votes of dead people, especially those who have been dead for a long time. Some republican members have pleaded with Trump to move on from these claims.

So far, there has been no evidence to prove Donald Trump’s claim. However, there are claims of a plan by republican governors to suppress targeted voters.


Trump Enforces His Border Wall Plan: Denies funding to some states – Global News Summary – 27/01/2017

The US president Donald Trump has signed an official order that aims to fulfill his campaign promise to build a wall along the US- Mexican border. The aim is to curb illegal immigrants from entering the US. The official order will also come down hard on cities that are known to provide safe havens for illegal immigrants.

Trump has devised a means in ensuring Mexico pays for the wall on the long run by deriving revenue from with-holding tax returns and cutting down on Mexico’s foreign aid. The order states that federal financial grants will be denied to those states that will not cooperate with the US government in tracking down illegal immigrants.

Leaders of the targeted states have said they will do nothing to challenge illegal immigrants in their cities despite the risk of losing federal grants. This order if effective will check the illegal flow of migrants from Mexico into the United States.


US – RUSSIAN TIES: Moscow looks forward to warmer ties with United States – Global News Summary – 27/01/2017

Russian foreign minister has said that Russia expects a quick improvement in diplomatic ties with the US under President Donald Trump. Diplomatic ties have degenerated to a very low level between both countries in the last few years. The Russian leadership expressed delight when Donald Trump was declared the winner after the US election in 2016.

Sergey Lavrov said during a parliament meeting on Wednesday that President Vladimir Putin negotiates good deals in the best interest of Russians just like Trump does for the US.

Both the United States and Russia tried to “reset” the American-Russian ties in 2009 but the relationship did not last long. Moscow is certain that Trump’s administration will not interfere with the affairs of other countries.


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