Global News Summary – 26/01/2017 – World Headlines

News Around the Globe  – 26/01/2017 – World Headlines

BREXIT: British Government Loses Supreme Court Appeal – Global News Summary – 26/01/2017

Global News Summary – 26/01/2017The legislature has lost in its appeal against Brexit. This will compel ministers to commence emergency measures in the parliament in order to approve the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

In a ruling that sets a broad point of reference and maintains parliamentary power, the court provided this verdict and the decision was reached with eight judges backing the decision to three.

The MPs and associates must give their support before the administration can trigger article 50 and formally start Brexit

The decision provides clarity on the way forward and the degree of the administration’s executive powers.

Rights stated in the law in the 1972 European Communities Act, that saw the UK joined what was then known as the European Community cannot be expelled by the administration’s privilege controls, a dominant part, the judges quoted.

The judges in the UK supreme court also ruled that the Scottish and Northern Irish parliament cannot vote on the Article 50 process.

President Trump Officially Ends TPP Deal – Global News Summary – 26/01/2017

President Donald Trump on Monday will start the process of ending the behemoth trade bargain put into effect by the Obama administration. President Trump initiated measures to pull back from the negotiating procedure of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This was a trade agreement between the US and eleven different nations.

This measure sends signs to Democrats and pioneers in remote capitals around the globe that Trump’s talk on trade during the campaign is transforming into reality. Trump promised during the campaign to pull back the US from the Pacific trade bargain, known as TPP, which he contended was not favorable to the American workers and production.

The TPP was in advance stages under previous President Barack Obama, however never sanctioned by Congress, so pulling back from it won’t have a quick, genuine impact on US monetary systems, despite the fact that it signals another and altogether different US posture towards trade under Trump.

The US makes up a significant portion of the GDP of the countries in TPP. With the withdrawal of the United States prominent financial power, it is hard to state that TPP can exist since the US will be withdrawing from it.

US President and Theresa May to Hold Bilateral Trade Talks – Global News Summary – 26/01/2017

U.S. President Donald Trump will talk about strategies to expand trade possibilities with the United Kingdom when Prime Minister, Theresa May meets with him at the White House on Friday, in spite of the fact that trade may not be the only agenda of their meeting it is expected to be a major point in the meeting.

A White House official stated; “I’m certain that there will be a dialogue concerning increasing trade, how much I don’t know yet,” White House Press Secretary and Communications Director Sean Spicer told correspondents on Monday. “He will have an extraordinary discussion about the potential for increased trade with the UK.” Spicer included that he didn’t accept there were presently any arrangements for the two leaders to hold a joint newsgathering.

Theresa May is expected to explore measures for easier US-UK migrations when she meets with Donald Trump this week.

Trumps Signs Orders Granting Dakota Oil Access Keystone XL Pipelines – Global News Summary – 26/01/2017

The U.S President Donald Trump granted requests on Tuesday making the way for Keystone XL project a reality. Trump promised to expand energy creation before taking office. This move signals that he has swung into full gear concerning his campaign promises.

According to White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, “it is imperative to put procedures in place and make them work,” he went further saying, Keystone XL is paramount for America.”

Despite the fact that the Standing Rock Sioux said they would battle the administrative orders, the North Dakota Petroleum Board has cheered Trump for it. The chamber believes it’s an incredible stride forward for energy security in America.

 Trump To Hold Meeting With Car Producers in a bid for Increased Production. –Global News Summary – 26/01/2017

U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with the CEOs of American car producers as he intends to mount pressure on the automakers to increase production and create more jobs for Americans.

Sean Spicer, spokesperson of the White House says “The President intends to hold a meeting to know their opinion on how production can be increased and more jobs can be created.” Trump in the past condemned automakers for building automobiles in Mexico and other nations. This has created job reduction. President Trump intends to force 35 percent taxes on imported vehicles in a bid to boost local production.

The meeting is an indication of Trump’s intent to revive production in America as the U.S. president wants to mount pressure on producers to produce more American products and hire American workers.

It will be the first time the Presidents of the enormous three automakers meet at the same time with a U.S. president since a July 2011 session with President Barack Obama. The aim of the 2011 meeting was to discover how America could have the best gas efficient vehicles in 2025. Fiat Chrysler is the Italian-American parent of the previous Michigan-based Chrysler.

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