Global News Summary – 13/01/2017 – World Headlines

News Around The Globe – 13/01/2017 – World Headlines

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Washington seems on brink of ‘civil war’ as elites fuel anti-Trump hostility – former German MP

Willy Wimmer, former CDU defence spokesperson said that the US establishment is not ready to let Donald Trump ditch the warmongering policies put in place by the previous president. According to him, not only the Democrats but also the Republicans from the war establishment camp like Senator John Mcain are trying hard to not let him build positive relations with the other countries. He further said that the people of all European nations want to live by building good relations with the Russian Federation and the hostility between them is more of an organized artificial one than being a real deal.

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Shameless EU politicians WILL veto Brexit deal if UK ‘better off leaving than remaining’

Belgian MEP Helga Stevens along with six other MEP’s told the European Parliament that the UK will remain a part of the European Union only if it is a win-win situation for everyone. If it is better for them to leave, then be it. The EU’s Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt said that the parliament will let know the red lines in the negotiations.

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President Obama farewell address, mentions Trump only once

Outgoing US president Barack Obama broke the tradition of giving a farewell speech from the oval office and instead visited his hometown of Chicago to address the crowds. He was sworn in as the US president from the same place. He said that the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the other is the tradition and he would like it to remain that way. This was the only instance when he mentioned Trump’s name. Other than that, he indirectly commented on the policies that Trump has vowed to change. He said that Muslim Americans shouldn’t be discriminated and there cannot be any better health care plan than that already in place.


Al Jazeera – Doha-based State-Funded Broadcaster

Donald Trump blasts US intel for ‘fake’ Russia dossier

Donald Trump, in his first-ever media conference after getting elected, said that the US intelligence report that says Russia obtained personal and financial information about him is fake and is a blot on our intelligence agencies. He also criticized the news agencies for publishing such reports.

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Afghanistan’s ‘ghost soldiers’ take scary toll on US taxpayers, says watchdog

The US taxpayers are paying a hefty amount towards the salaries of non-existing soldiers, teachers and civil servants in Afghanistan as reported by a top Pentagon official. It is just a way by which the US citizens’ money is looted for some personal gains. Therefore, despite supporting Afghanistan with this huge amount of money, there has been no betterment in any aspect in the country.

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Trump Organization handover plan slammed by ethics chief

Donald Trump’s plan to hand over his business empire to his sons Don and Eric before being sworn as the United States President has been sharply criticized by the Director of the US office of government ethics. He says that this step is not at all as per the standards of the previous presidents and this would not remove Trump’s conflicts of interest. Mr.Shaub said that “Every president in modern times has taken the strong medicine of divestiture” and the same should be the case for the new President-Elect.

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