Global News Summary – 10/01/2017 – World Headlines

Events Around the World– 10/01/2017 – World Headlines

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CALAIS FARCE: New border threat as migrants sneak back to Jungle-style camps

After the demolition of migrant camps last year in October, hundreds of Britain asylum seekers have returned back to these secret camps. There are at least six new rural settlements observed in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. It has posed a serious risk for the truckers who daily pass through the service stations on the motorways leading to these ports. Some of them have found people hiding in their trailers in the hope of making an entry in Britain.

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Meryl Streep attack on Trump is the most hypocritical anti-Trump rant

Actress Meryl Streep, the receiver of the honorary Golden Globes award due to her great work in the film industry, has launched a personal attack against Donald Trump. As she walked on the stage, she criticised the President-elect over fake news of mocking a New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski. The reporter has a condition that hampers his joint movements. Her attack was directed to the news spread by the Anti-Trump media. Trump had denounced any such occurrence as soon as the news was reported. He has also reacted to the actress’s attack on Twitter by calling her over-rated.


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US troops ‘kill dozens of ISIL fighters’ in Syria raid

US special forces have carried out an attack on an ISIL group in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Az Zor. At least 25 ISIL fighters have been killed in this raid. This raid took place on Sunday as confirmed by a US coalition officer. It is reported that the attack took place for over an hour and a half where the coalition group arrived in four helicopters backed by fighter jets. It is not the first time that the US troops have carried out such an attack. In 2015, in the same village, US troops had killed an ISIL leader Abu Sayyaf along with 6 other members.

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Trump gets revenge, helps oust Kasich loyalist from Ohio GOP post

Trump succeeded in carrying out some political revenge against John Kasich, Ohio Governor by throwing his support behind Jane Timken, who narrowly defeated Kasich loyalist and Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borges. Borges was thus caught in the political fight between Trump and Kasich, considering Kasich refused to endorse Trump after he won the party primary. Also despite being the governor of the host state, John Kasich had refused to attend the Republican convention last summer in Cleveland.

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Trump son-in-law role needs review, Democrats say

Democrats have asked for a role review over concerns of nepotism after the president-elect Donald Trump named his son – in – law as the top advisor to the White House. A group has appealed to the Justice Department and Office of Government Ethics to scrutinise the appointment of Jared Kushner, 35, husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka. His lawyer informed that he will resign from the head of the family’s real estate business and also the head of the New York Observer newspaper in order to comply for the role. Jamie Gorelick, Kushner’s lawyer said that he will also divest ‘substantial assets’. She also added that he will not take any salary for the role of the Senior White House advisor. The Democratic lawmakers have appealed that Kushner’s position may not allow him to avoid his conflicts of interest and may allow him to influence policies that help expand his business.

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