Global News Summary – 04/01/2017 – World Headlines

Global Events Summary – 04/01/2017 – World Headlines

RT – Russian 24/7 English-language news channel

Russian warships dock in Philippines on goodwill visit, look forward to joint drills

Two Russian warships have been welcomed by the Philippines Navy and are now docked at the south port harbour in the city of Manila. This has happened just in time when the Philippines has expressed its desire to not only rely on the Unites States as its partner in the West Pacific. Admiral Tributes, an anti-submarine destroyer and the sea tanker Boris Butoma are anchored from Tuesday for the goodwill visit of Russia in the South Asian country. The US state department has commented that the defense relationships of the US and the Philippines are very strong and will remain that way.

Daily Express – British Newspaper – Global News Stories

Britain on HEAVY SNOW ALERT: Polar vortex to plunge UK into WORST January FREEZE in years

The weather department has predicted Britain to be swept down by the worst winter freeze starting next week from January 13. This will bring chaos to the country as the transport networks will be extensively halted and the schools may be forced to close. Scotland and the north part is expected to reach an overnight low temperature of about -15C whereas the south is expected to hit a low of -2C. Some weather agencies have forecasted that this will grip the entire UK at the beginning of the spring.


Global Events, New Perspective – Australia Unwrapped

#Breaking Trump acknowledges “Urgency” North Korea’s nuclear ambitions

North Korea has stated its decision to acquire the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). This weapon of mass destruction can pose a serious threat to the US and western Europe. President-elect Donald Trump has said that by no means he will yield policy of sanctions.

Al Jazeera – Doha-based state-funded broadcaster

Philippines: Armed men free more than 150 in jailbreak

Armed men suspected to be a part of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the largest rebel group in the Philippines, have attacked the North Cotabato District Jail in Kidapawan city around 1 am and freed about 150 inmates after killing the jail warden. The group has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Out of the total 1151 inmates, 158 have escaped and four were captured back. This has led the president to start peace talks with the rebel group MNLF and MILF. It is not the first time that such a raid on the country’s jails has taken place. In 2009 also, a large mob of about 100 men raided the jail to set free 31 of its inmates.

Fox News – US Media Company – Global News Stories

Why Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC

Megyn Kelly, the prime time news anchor at Fox News has surprised her viewers by informing them of her decision to leave Fox News. She broke this news after the close of her Tuesday show ‘Kelly File’. Mother of three kids, she said her nighttime schedule was the reason she has taken this tough decision to leave the show. She has informed that after her 12-year career with the Fox News, she has decided to join NBC.

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