Getting Started With Martial Arts

High-flying kicks, trailblazing sweeps, and fast punches are fantastical and thrilling. Martial arts have it all. However, a lot of time, energy, discipline and commitment goes into mastering any martial art.


Some martial arts accommodate beginners. Similarly, others are a whole new ball game, incorporating complex techniques. Fit students with flexible physiques usually have a better advantage. But remember that choosing any martial arts is personal and depends on your preference. It is also essential to enjoy every step, celebrating small wins as well as milestones.


What Kind of Martial Art Should I Learn?


There is no rule of thumb; it’s all about you. The truth is no one should tell you what martial art to sign up for. It’s helpful to pay attention to why you want out of the sport. For the former, it’s okay if you can only point it to a feeling.


Your personality also plays a great role in guiding you in the right direction. For instance, Muay Thay or Boxing are great choices for those who find it hard to concentrate for extended periods. At the same time, Jiu-Jitsu is ideal for those looking for challenging techniques with more introverted personalities. Either way, just like with our hobbies and style, we also outgrow and change our preferences in martial art. You need up to six months to determine if your choice is excellent for you. So, don’t stress; go with the flow to discover where your heart is.


Self-Defence Or Fitness? What’s Your Priority?


Those who have their eye on self-defence, achieving strength, and competition are good to go with Jiu-Jitsu. Similarly, those who wish for fitness and cardio are better off practising Muay Thai or Boxing.


This article looks into some martial arts that are easier to learn; read on.


Types Of Martial Arts To Consider




Most parents enrol their children in Karate classes to boost their discipline levels. It is a diverse martial art that can also be learned for self-defence. Unlike most arts, it is excellent for a wide age group, from children to older people. Successful execution comes with the correct use of techniques, making the theoretical and practical parts super important. Karate is attractive for being adaptable, easy to learn, and practical art for self-defence. Its techniques include punching, kicking, and sparring, requiring speed, power, and balance for success.




It is the perfect art for discovering your strength potential and learning agility. Practitioners can learn from their skills and experience over time. Boxing, however, incorporates a fighting stance, which is essential for power and maintaining balance.


Muay Thai


With Muay Thai, your whole body is the weapon. Therefore, anyone who chooses this art learns useful skills for defending themselves. Since sparring is a critical aspect of the art, having a partner is important. It also requires gloves, a punching bag, and Muay Thai shin guards. Here, the techniques include punches, knee strikes, and kicks.




It is particularly designed for smaller fighters to have adequate physical resources for defence against larger opponents. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is known for its stand-up manoeuvres and ground-fighting techniques. Students often incorporate joint-lock manipulations and single and double-leg takedowns to beat their opponent.


Krav Maga


It is the perfect combo of Boxing, Judo, and Muay Thai. The goal is to finish the fight faster by creating adequate damage to the challenger. It needs a supply of gloves and a heavy bag for hanging. It takes a keen interest in the fighting stance, punches, headlocks, and falling with limited injury. It is perfect for those who wish for rapid progress and faster solutions.


Benefits Of Martial Arts


Learn self-defence


Students learn techniques applicable in the real world and during real fights. The potent moves comprise valuable self-defence skills that can protect you when faced with danger.


Increases confidence


It is one of the reasons for practising martial arts. It involves setting goals and achieving them to boost feelings of confidence through a sense of accomplishment.




Martial arts offer a full-body workout due to the use of physical energy. It also fosters strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility.

Other benefits include stress relief, a healthy heart and weight loss, positive moods, and increased flexibility.




Any martial arts offer unique benefits to both adults and kids. Whichever art you choose, simply set and measure your goals and appreciate every aspect of your discovery journey. Remember that this could take a lifetime, so start now and have fun while at it!

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