Gawler Ranges – South Australia

The Gawler Ranges are beautiful and stony hills of South Australia. These ranges are located to the north of the Eyre Peninsula. These ranges came into establishment in the year 1839. They were named after George Gawler, the Governor of Australia by Edward John Eyre. These ranges are amazingly beautiful and attractive. They are surrounded by the Eyre highway towards the south. In the north of Kimba and Wudinna lies the Gawler Ranges National Park as well as Gawler Ranges Conservation Park. These ranges are also covered by the Gawler Ranges Native Title Claim. The Gawler ranges stony, rocky and stunningly beautiful.

Wildlife at the Gawler Ranges:

The  Ranges are full of native wildlife. It serves as a haven for all kinds of flora, fauna and wildlife. These ranges are home to more than 976 flora species and 162 flora species. The wildlife in this region is simply fantastic. There are natives such as the scarlet breasted parrot, Major Mitchell as well as the southern hairy-nosed wombat. The large hills and gorges of the Gawler Ranges are simply breathtaking. The flora, fauna, as well as wildlife of this region, are worth exploring.

Activities at These Beautiful Mountain Ranges:

It is a home for a number of adventurous activities. Sight-seeing is one of the most popular activities that could be done here. The park at these ranges entertains a number of amusement opportunities for the visitors and explorers. The photographers from around the world carry out their photography since this place provides for picturesque views. The visitors get a chance to explore the stony mountains and the greenery of the park. The region also provides an adventurous opportunity of bush camping. It certainly one of the famous spots of Southern Australia. These ranges are beautifully attractive and worth visiting.

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