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List of books by Garry Disher

List of Books Garry Disher with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Garry Disher. Find my selection in date order of Garry Disher books.

Garry Disher List of Books to Read

Wyatt Books

Kickback        (1991)           

Paydirt           (1993)           

Deathdeal     (1993)           

Crosskill         (1994)           

Port Vila Blues         (1995)           

The Fallout   (1997)           

Wyatt (2010)           

The Heat       (2015)           

After Dark Books

The Half Dead          (1997)           

Inspector Challis Books

The Dragon Man     (1999)           

Kittyhawk Down      (2003)           

Snapshot       (2006)           

Chain of Evidence   (2007)           

Blood Moon (2009)           

Whispering Death   (2012)           

Signal Loss    (2016)           


Standalone Novels

Steal Away    (1987)           

The Stencil Man      (1988)           

The Bamboo Flute  (1992)           

Ratface          (1993)           

Switch Cat    (1994)           

Blame the Wind      (1995)           

The Sunken Road    (1996)           

Walk Twenty, Run Twenty            (1996)           

Ermyntrude Takes Charge (1996)           

The Apostle Bird      (1997)           

The Divine Wind      (1999)           

From Your Friend, Louis Deane   (2000)           

Past the Headlands (2001)           

Moondyne Kate      (2001)           

Maddie Finn (2002)           

Two-Way Cut           (2004)           

Eva’s Angel   (2004)           

Play Abandoned      (2011)           

Good One, Erm        (2013)           

Bitter Wash Road   (2013)           

Hell to Pay    (2014)           

Under the Cold Bright Lights        (2017)           

Short Story Collections

Approaches  (1981)           

The Difference to Me         (1988)           

Flamingo Gate         (1991)           

Restless: Stories of Flight and Fear         (1995)           

Straight, Bent and Barbara Vine (1997)           


Personal Best           (1990)           

Personal Best 2       (1991)           

Below the Waterline          (1999)           

Non-Fiction Books

Wretches and Rebels: The Australian Bushrangers    (1981)           

Writing Fiction: An Introduction to the Craft  (1983)           

Bushrangers (1984)           

Australia Then & Now        (1987)           

Writing Professionally: The Freelancer’s Guide to Marketing Prose and Scripts            (1989)           

List of books by Garry Disher

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Garry Disher.

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