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List of books by Gail Z. Martin

List of Books Gail Z. Martin with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Gail Z. Martin. Find my selection in date order of Gail Z. Martin books.

Gail Z. Martin List of Books to Read

Necromancer Books

The Summoner        (2007)           

The Blood King        (2008)           

Dark Haven   (2009)           

Dark Lady’s Chosen (2009)           

Fallen Kings Cycle Books

The Sworn    (2011)           

The Dread     (2012)           

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga Books

Ice Forged     (2013)           

Reign of Ash (2014)           

War of Shadows      (2015)           

No Reprieve (2015)           

Shadow and Flame (2016)           

Deadly Curiosities Adventure Books

Vanities         (2013)           

Wild Hunt     (2013)           

Dark Legacy  (2013)           

Steer a Pale Course (2013)           

Among The Shoals Forever           (2013)           

The Low Road          (2013)           

Buttons         (2013)           

Coffin Box     (2014)           

Wicked Dreams       (2014)           

Collector       (2014)           

Bad Memories         (2014)           

Shadow Garden      (2015)           

Spook House            (2015)           

Fatal Invitation        (2015)           

Redcap          (2015)           

The Restless Dead   (2015)           

Retribution   (2015)           

The Final Death       (2016)           

Bloodlines     (2016)           

Predator        (2016)           

Fair Game     (2016)           

Trifles and Folly       (2016)           

Trifles and Folly 2    (2017)           

Unraveled     (2017)           

Jonmarc Vahanian Adventure Books

Raider’s Curse          (2013)           

Caves Of The Dead  (2013)           

Storm Surge (2013)           

Bounty Hunter         (2013)           

Blood’s Cost (2013)           

Stormgard    (2013)           

Monstrosities          (2014)           

Bad Places    (2014)           

Dead Man’s Bet       (2014)           

Dark Passage            (2014)           

Bad Blood     (2014)           

Haunts           (2014)           

Cursed           (2014)           

Death Plot    (2014)           

Brigands        (2015)           

Bleak Harvest           (2015)           

Hard Choices            (2015)           

Dead Reckoning      (2015)           

Desperate Flight      (2015)           

The Shadowed Path           (2016)           

Death Match            (2017)           

Guardian       (2017)           

Smuggler       (2017)           

Deadly Curiosities Books

Deadly Curiosities   (2014)           

Vendetta       (2015)           

Jake Desmet Adventures Series (with Larry Martin) Books

Iron and Blood         (2015)           

Storm and Fury Adventure Books

Resurrection Day    (2015)           

Grave Voices            (2016)           

Airship Down           (2016)           

Rogue            (2016)           

Ghost Wolf   (2017)           

Lagniappe     (2017)           

The Hunt       (2017)           

Blaine McFadden Adventure Books

Arctic Prison (2015)           

Ice Bound     (2015)           

Cold Fury       (2015)           

King’s Convicts         (2016)           

Darkhurst Books


Scourge         (2017)           

Vengeance    (2018)           

Storm & Fury Series (with Larry Martin) Books

Ruin Creek    (2017)           

New Templars Novella Series (with Larry Martin) Books

Spells, Salt, & Steel (2017)           

Spells, Salt, & Steel 2         (2018)

List of books by Gail Z. Martin

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Gail Z. Martin.

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