Funniest Pet Toys Your Pet Will Simply Adore

Top 10 Funny Pet Toys For Your Adorable Pets

If you own a pet, then you probably already have a bunch of toys. Having said that, you need more. You know it, and your furry little friend knows it. Here are some of the most popular toys you might not have.

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1. Huge Dinosaur Bone

This will keep your four-legged friend occupied for a long time. And guess what, instead of chewing your shoes, it will chew the almost everlasting sturdy bone. It comes in two flavours, and it’s good for their teeth and gums.

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2. Squeaky Chickens

They come in five different colours and squawk when squeezed. Your dog will go crazy about them.

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3. Dog Toy Puzzle

It’s a “hide and seek” sort of thing. You hide the toy, let it squeak, and your dog has to find it and fetch it. If you get tired of playing, but your dog is still waving its tail, this toy is just the right thing. Perfect for solo play as well.

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4. Pack of 14 Toys

Not sure which toy to buy? No problem. Buy a pack with 14 different toys and let your dog choose. Whether it’s a chewing rope, a squeaky bone, a ball, etc. These are mostly for small dogs and puppies.

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5. Self Rotating Ball for Cats

All you have to do is charge it and let the smart ball do the rest. It spins on the floor with LED light inside. Your kitty will not only be happy but will also improve its hunting skills.

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6. Robot Fish

It’s a four-piece set with different colours. Simply place them in a bowl of water, and they’ll start swimming around. It will be an unforgettable playtime for your cat.

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7. Cat Tunnel

All cat owners know that cats are very curious and like to explore unless they’re Garfield. Well, this three-way tunnel is perfect for indoor adventure. The best thing about it – you don’t have to do anything except watch and laugh.

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8. Little Mice

These are made especially for teeth flossing and improving dental health. They’re filled with catnip to attract your kitty.

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9. Automatic Laser

Okay, if it’s your cat’s birthday, then this is definitely the right gift. Just place the laser anywhere, and it will start teasing your kitty in random patterns. Your little hunter will never get tired of it. Don’t worry, the laser is safe.

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10. Toy Storage Basket

Once the playing is over, you can’t just leave all those toys lying around the house, can you? This is a large but cute storage bin, so you can easily place all of your pet’s toys inside, until the next playtime.

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