Funding Travel Around Australia – 10 Ways To Earn Money While Travelling

Funding Travel Around Australia

Funding travel around Australia, Travel is a fulfilling experience for people. It adds memorable experiences to you and you got to cross out that ‘Travel’ thing in your bucket list. You also got to meet new people and learn from them as you travel around.

Australia is one of the best countries that people dreamed of visiting once in their lifetime. The natural heritages, long white beaches and amazing coral formations put the country in the map of international destinations for many travellers across the globe. However, travelling in Australia can be very expensive, especially when you come in peak season unprepared.

Funding travel around Australia

But don’t let the idea of expense ruin you the fun of travelling in the country. There are actually ways on funding travel around Australia. Here are some great points to remember:

  • Be a tour guide. If you have been travelling the country for several times and you are familiar with tourist destinations, you can assume the role of a tour guide to help you in funding travel around Australia.
  • Sell in stock photos. There are endless of subjects in Australia that you can use as focus of your photography career. From natural landscapes to manmade architectures – you name it, Australia has it. You can take your best shot and sell your photos in an online stock photo for extra cash during your travel. Just make sure that you have your ATM with you so you can cash out anytime.
  • Write a review. Writing is one of the classic ways to earn wherever you are. If you have the gut and knock in writing, you can write some reviews about restaurants you’ve dined in the country and earn some dime to funding travel around Australia. You can earn from dollars to free meals!
  • Be a translator. Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Italians, French, Germans, and other nationalities from across the world travel to Australia to see its beauty. If you know any other language aside from English (Australian or American) that Aussies speak, you can translate for foreigners and get paid.
  • Sharing rooms. It can be quiet expensive if you travel alone, especially in countries like Australia. So save some dollars in accommodation, you can share rooms with other guests and learn how fun it can be to meet other people.
  • Join a group. You can also save some money and if you join a group rather than renting a place or a tour all by yourself. This is a practical way of funding your travel around in Australia.
  • Plan your itinerary. Nothing can be more practical and safe but to plan your trip and itinerary ahead. This will save you not only money but time when you go and travel around the country.

Funding travel around in Australia can add more challenge and fun in your stay in the country. Those ideas will not only help you around Australia but wherever you are in the world. As long as you can speak, write and know how to work harmoniously with people, you can enjoy your vacation and earn extra on the side.

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5 Easy Ways To Earn Money While Travelling Around Australia

Produce & Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is a highly seasonal activity, so fruit growers require large amounts of labor for short periods of time.

As a result of the wide variety of crops in Australia, there are always fruit picking opportunities somewhere in the country.

You have the opportunity to work hard and stash a little cash in preparation for the next leg of your journey if you are in the right place at the right time.

Generally, jobs pay between $20 and $30 per hour, but if you are more efficient and productive, you can earn more.

Work in a Bar and Hospitality

Australia has thousands of pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality venues, so finding casual or short-term work is easy.

If you intend to serve alcohol, you’ll need an RSA Certificate, which is a Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate.

These can be obtained online here – note that depending on which states you plan to work in, you may require more than one certificate.

Temporary Staff at Caravan Parks

There are over 2000 caravan parks in Australia, which can be found in every corner. However, many of them are very seasonal, with visitor numbers rising and falling dramatically based on the time of year.

Consequently, they need more staff during some periods, but not all year round.

A number of parks hire travelers to do a variety of jobs within the park, including administration, grounds keeping, visitor management, hospitality, etc., and trade labor for accommodation.

You may be expected to work an hour or two per day or a day or two per week in exchange for a free site in the park.

Camp Hosting

Another option is Camp Hosting, whereby travelers stay for free in a campground within a National Park or in a private campground and act as the liaison so that visitors can find their sites, maintain facilities, etc.

Although it is unlikely to earn you any money, it allows you to take a break from traveling and cut your spending to almost nothing.

Cook or Chef

It is fairly easy to find work at restaurants in the places you want to travel if you are a qualified chef or cook.

Furthermore, you may be able to save even more money by working in remote locations such as mining sites or cattle stations that include food and lodging as part of their salaries.

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