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I’ve actually discovered recently that a lot of the job

resignations you mention aren’t all bad.

In fact, it is a sign that with self-awareness comes

the need for change. Many people around the world have been

stuck in jobs that didn’t bring them joy and now they’re putting

their mental health and happiness first.

this is something to be celebrated.

Prince Harry Advises Working Class Heroes

These are the words that left Prince Harry’s mouth in his recent interview. But he forgot to mention what it really takes for normal people with average backgrounds to quit their jobs.

How easy can it be for a parent of two kids to quit their job when they are trapped in the rat race? How many people would love to quit their jobs but they can’t, because they’ve got a mortgage to pay off?

Most of the self-help gurus will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work to achieve your dreams. That’s an understatement. It takes guts to quit your job when you’re poor as hell. It takes a brave decision to follow your dreams when even your loved ones don’t believe in you. It takes the heart of a lion to go against all odds and against your own beliefs.

It doesn’t just take a lot of hard word. It takes a piece of your soul. In this article we’ll dive deep into Prince Harry’s words and see if both bravery and happiness are possible to achieve by everyday people.

One important subject of discussion would be to analyze how our jobs relate to our dreams. I have to admit that I feel wonderfully each time I quit a job but I feel horrible every time I get a new one. That’s probably happening to a lot of us, if not all of us.

Rich Toff Advises Working Folks if Unhappy Quit

There’s an explanation to this effect. We feel those emotions because our jobs are not at all relevant to our dreams. We do our jobs just because we need to make a living and put food on the table but other than that our jobs don’t offer us anything. They don’t offer any growth or happiness.

How doable can it be for each of us to quit our jobs and go after the goals we already know would make us happy? Probably not doable. Sure, we know what makes us happy. We just have no idea how to get there. A job and a dream can’t co-exist most of the times.

The funny thing is we don’t even realize that our jobs are stealing life-time out of us. We can’t live forever. But even if we realize that, what can we do about it?

Life has become a safety game. And unfortunately that’s perfectly acceptable and understandable. Let’s say you quit your job and go after some goal or dream. And let’s say you fail. There is no guarantee that you’ll succeed. What will happen? Your loved ones will say “I told you so” and you’ll be faced with bankruptcy and unbearable shame.

Fear of failure is one thing. Fear of rejection is another. And both of them are very real for the average Joe who’s been programmed to fail since his or her early childhood. The same people who will judge you for quitting your job are the ones who unwillingly have made you a failure. And they’ll feel bad about themselves if they watch you succeed.

What is Chasing Your Dream Remains a Chase

Dreams are investments. They hold into themselves the possibility to make you great but they can also break you. The big question is, what happens if they break you? Are you strong enough to get back on your feet?

Dreams are investments both in time and money. I hate to break it to you but your dreams need funding. Everything in this world needs money and your romantic dreams are not an exception. It would be great if everything could work out just like in the movies but it doesn’t.

Have you ever become a victim of the process? You first get hyped up and decide to go after an impressive goal. Then you tell everyone about it and they all say something between the lines of “Only you know what to do” or “Do what you love”. But nobody can offer any practical help. Finally, you get back into reality. You calculate how much your dreams are going to cost and you realize that the sum of dollars you’ve got in the bank will never be enough. And then your mind turns into a chaotic hell.

It’s sad but it’s also true. Most of us are not Princes or Queens and we can’t just quit our jobs because there are people depending upon us. Kids, spouses, parents.

For average people, even thinking of pursuing their dreams becomes a problem. What do we need to do then? How can happiness be achieved? Do we need to lower our expectations and live out normal lives?

Give It All UP?

This article has not been about money. It’s been about freedom. Time, money and support can probably be found on the top 5 elements of freedom. If you’ve got them your possibilities of success get higher. If you don’t, you’re on your own.

Fear of failure is not what paralyzes you. It’s fear of destruction. As we’ve said, there is no guarantee that you can reach your goals if you quit your job and try hard enough. Most people are not afraid of taking the shot. They’re afraid of destroying what they’ve worked so hard to build.

People all over the world work hard every single day to preserve themselves. They work so hard to make a living that they don’t even live. Quitting their job becomes a terrifying struggle for people whose whole life revolves around a job.            

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Dave P
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