Freelancing – Advantages And Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer. Freelancing is a booming personal business today across the world. As a freelancer, you can enjoy numerous advantages. But you don’t have to be blinded by them. You need to weigh them against the disadvantages that can come along the way. So if you’re a fulltime employee planning to quit your regular job and shift to freelancing, you have to read the following articles first before making up your mind.

 Flexible Hours vs Working on Your Personal Time

The primary advantage of working as a freelancer is that you manage your own time. You can start working whenever you want and stop whenever you needed a break. What’s important is that you will be able to deliver your assignment on time.

However, since you are working on your own time, you won’t recognize if your freelancing job is taking much even your personal time. Since you’re working at home or in a home office, it is very possible that your work overlaps with the time you’re supposed to spend for your family and friends.

Freelancing – Take Control on Projects and Clients vs No Stable Work

You got to choose your own project and client. You can say ‘NO’ to a job or a problematic client, unlike in a full-time job where you don’t have the right to choose who and what to work with.

The disadvantage of it is you don’t have the security that workloads come steady. One day you have clients and the other day you’re doomed. Project flow is very unstable, thus the profit as well.

Keeping All The Profits Vs Not Getting Paid At All

Freelancing allows you to keep every penny you earned. It also allows you to put a price on your work, unlike on a fulltime job wherein you got to take home a flat rate, whether you delivered less or more of your work.

Unfortunately, there are freelance client scammers you can come across with. These situations may lead you to difficult times, which is not limited to not getting paid at all.

Be Your Own Boss vs Working For Yourself, Alone

You don’t have to prepare a weekly or monthly report for your manager. You don’t have to make a status update on how you are doing with your job because you are your own boss and you take control of the business.

However, since you are manning the business alone, you have to do everything by yourself. Since you’re only working alone, you don’t have a close colleague who can cover for you during an emergency. It leaves you with a lot of workloads, which can lead to cramping and delayed delivery.

Not Going to the Office vs No Employer Benefits

When you work freelance, you can work in your pyjamas or in the night before party dress without worrying of tidying up for office the following day. You can even take your work offline, offshore or in a vacation.

Maybe the major disadvantage of working as a freelance is the lack, or absence of employer benefits. You won’t enjoy health, dental, and free doctor’s appointments whenever you work alone. Plus, those benefits are quiet expensive, which fulltime employers usually shoulder. You don’t have sick days or vacation leave at all.

Freelancing is both easy and challenging mode of employment. If you work for yourself, you have to earn every penny and sweat in every work for you to reap the fruits of your harvest.

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