Freelancer Questionnaire

Firstly my name is David Peterson; I am a founding member of Australia Unwrapped. I would like to thank you personally for you time, and effort to ensure freelancers world over are given a voice! As an employer, I am ethical pay on time and always willing to discuss any issues, however I am aware it is not always this way! Freelancer Connections will help to change this, and through sharing your experiences other will not make the same mistake.

My favourite Sport is Cricket, Colour Blue, Movie Star Wars, just so u can know me a little better.

Your answers will be published on and you are part of a new initiative to give freelancers a voice, understand your experience, and helping others, who maybe starting up as a freelancer to learn the ups and downs of the business.  Remember to print your name at the bottom of the form.  In just answers try and be as descriptive as possible.


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