Freelancer marketing your skills as a professional can be challenging today, especially when many professionals shift into freelancing for a more convenient type of employment. Don’t fret because you can be one step ahead of your competitor. Here are some effective marketing skills to fetch more clients in the freelancing industry:
 Freelancer marketing – Do Some Freebies

As a newbie in freelancing, you need to do some tricks to attract clients – and one of these is by offering free works. This can be tricky, especially if you think that clients might take you for granted. Well, to keep it professional, you must:

  • just do small projects for free
  • check the client for a good reputation before doing a free job
  • make sure clients are available once you do the paid ones
  • request clients to recommend you to other clients if they find your work satisfactory
  • do not enter “non-disclosure” agreements
  • keep free works confidential with clients
 Freelancer marketing – Look for Better Freelance websites/boards

Look for a legit and credible job boards to find clients. There are numerous websites where you can find clients:

  • com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Odesk
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • Elance
  • Craigslist
  • Guru
  • 99designs
  • Peopleperhour, and many others
Freelancer marketing – Work within your circle

Start marketing your talents within your family, friends, and colleagues. Allow them to contact you whenever they need the type of service you offer (designer, writer, encoder, website developer, etc.). These types of clients also allow you to train yourself in terms of style, design, strategies, pricing, etc. For every client, ask them to visit your website (if there is any) and leave some recommendation for future references.

Work on Your Website or Blog

Clients would ask for a sample of your work by visiting your website or blog. Focus on creating an appealing and content-wise website to attract clients. Make sure that your website speaks about you and the services you offer. Don’t leave out important details such as your contact numbers and emails.

Send Some Marketing Emails

Send some marketing emails to your perspective and target clients. Your email should be as professional as possible. Here are the following tips:

  • Introduce yourself and how did you get the email of the client
  • Introduce the service you provide and why you are suited for their service need in the future
  • You must communicate in their language through emphatic statements.
  • Once get hired, send a thank you letter to the client
  • Ask for referrals
Freelancer marketing – Maximize Social Media

Use social media in your own advantage. Promote your profile in your Facebook and LinkedIn profile to reach your target clients and maximize online visibility. Connect with clients by identifying the type of social media they use. Follow and connect with other freelancers to widen your network and client pool.

Freelancing your skills as a freelancer is not a one-night success. You have to invest time, effort and dedication to enjoy the fruits of your work. More importantly, you have to understand the market you are on. Identify your target client first and from there, use the above mentioned ways to reach out to them.

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