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List of books by Frederik Pohl

List of Books by Frederik Pohl with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Frederik Pohl. Find my selection in date order of Frederik Pohl books.

Frederik Pohl List of Books to Read

Space Merchants Books

The Space Merchants      (1952)   

The Merchant’s War        (1984)   

Undersea Eden Books

Undersea Quest (1954)   

Undersea Fleet   (1955)   

Undersea City     (1958)   

Starchild Books

The Reefs of Space          (1964)   

Starchild              (1965)   

Rogue Star          (1969)   

Saga Of Cuckoo Books

Farthest Star       (1975)   

Wall Around a Star           (1975)   

Heechee Books

Gateway              (1976)   

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon    (1980)   

Heechee Rendezvous      (1984)   

The Annals of the Heechee           (1987)   

The Boy Who Would Live Forever              (2004)   

Heechee Collections Books

The Gateway Trip             (1990)   

Eschaton Books

The Other End of Time    (1996)   

The Siege of Eternity       (1997)   

The Far Shore of Time     (1999)   

Standalone Novels

Search the Sky    (1954)   

Gladiator-at-Law              (1955)   

Preferred Risk     (1955)   

Presidential Year               (1956)   

Slave Ship            (1956)   

Wolfbane            (1957)   

Drunkard’s Walk               (1960)   

A Plague of Pythons         (1964)   

The Age of the Pussyfoot              (1965)   

Man Plus              (1976)   

Jem        (1979)   

The Cool War     (1981)   

Syzygy   (1981)   

Starburst              (1982)   

The Years of the City       (1984)   

Black Star Rising               (1985)   

Tales from the Planet Earth          (1986)   

Terror    (1986)   

The Coming of the Quantum Cats              (1986)   

Chernobyl            (1987)   

The Day the Martians Came          (1988)   

Narabedla, Ltd.  (1988)   

Land’s End           (1988)   

Homegoing         (1989)   

The World at the End of Time       (1990)   

Outnumbering the Dead (1990)   

Stopping at Slowyear       (1991)   

The Singers of Time         (1991)   

Mining the Oort (1992)   

Mars Plus             (1994)   

The Voices of Heaven      (1994)   

O Pioneer!           (1998)   

The Last Theorem            (2008)   

All the Lives He Led          (2011)   

Short Stories

The Tunnel Under the World         (1955)   

The Hated           (1955)   

Pythias  (1958)   

The Knights of Arthur       (1958)   

The Day of the Boomer Dukes      (2011)   

The Midas Plague             (2011)   

Fermi and Frost  (2012)   

Short Story Collections

Alternating Currents        (1956)   

The Case Against Tomorrow         (1957)   

Tomorrow Times Seven  (1959)   

The Man Who Ate the World        (1960)   

Turn Left at Thursday      (1961)   

The Wonder Effect           (1962)   

The Abominable Earthman            (1963)   

Digits and Dastards          (1966)   

Day Million          (1970)   

Gold at the Starbow’s End             (1972)   

The Best of Frederik Pohl               (1975)   

The Early Pohl    (1976)   

In the Problem Pit and Other Stories          (1976)   

Critical Mass       (1977)   

Survival Kit          (1979)   

Before the Universe         (1980)   

Planets Three     (1981)   

Midas World       (1983)   

Pohlstars             (1984)   

Bipohl    (1987)   

Our Best: The Best of Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth     (1987)   

The Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042             (1994)   

Platinum Pohl     (2001)   

The Hated and Other Stories         (2010)   

Lest Darkness Fall & Related Stories          (2011)   

The Works of Frederik Pohl (5 Stories)       (2012)   

Graphic Novels

Merchants of Venus         (1986)   

Non-Fiction Books

Practical Politics               (1971)   

The Viking Settlements of North America (1972)   

The Way the Future Was               (1978)   

Science Fiction Studies in Film      (1980)   

New Visions: A Collection of Modern Science Fiction Art    (1982)   

Our Angry Earth (1991)   

Prince Henry Sinclair: His Expedition to the New World in 1398       (1995)   

Chasing Science: Science as Spectator Sport           (1995)   

List of books by Frederik Pohl

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Frederik Pohl.

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