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List of books by Fred Saberhagen

List of Books by Fred Saberhagen with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Fred Saberhagen. Find my selection in date order of Fred Saberhagen books.

Fred Saberhagen List of Books to Read

Dracula Books

The Dracula Tape             (1975)   

The Holmes-Dracula File (1978)   

An Old Friend of the Family           (1979)   

Thorn    (1980)   

Dominion            (1982)   

A Matter of Taste             (1990)   

A Question of Time          (1992)   

Seance for a Vampire      (1994)   

A Sharpness on the Neck               (1996)   

A Coldness in the Blood  (2002)   

Empire Of The East Books

The Broken Lands             (1968)   

The Black Mountains       (1971)   

Changeling Earth              (1973)   

Ardneh’s Sword  (2006)   

Books Of Swords

The First Book of Swords               (1983)   

The Second Book of Swords         (1983)   

The Third Book of Swords             (1984)   

Books Of Lost Swords

Woundhealer’s Story       (1986)   

Sightblinder’s Story          (1987)   

Stonecutter’s Story          (1988)   

Farslayer’s Story               (1989)   

Coinspinner’s Story          (1989)   

Mindsword’s Story           (1990)   

Wayfinder’s Story             (1992)   

Shieldbreaker’s Story       (1994)   

Berserker Books

Berserker             (1967)   

Brother Assassin               (1969)   

Berserker’s Planet            (1974)   

Berserker Man   (1979)   

The Ultimate Enemy        (1979)   

The Berserker Wars         (1981)   

The Berserker Throne      (1985)   

Berserker: Blue Death     (1985)   

Berserker Kill      (1993)   

Berserker Fury    (1997)   

Shiva in Steel      (1998)   

Berserker’s Star  (2003)   

Berserker Prime (2004)   

Rogue Berserker               (2005)   

Books Of The Gods

The Face of Apollo           (1998)   

Ariadne’s Web    (2000)   

The Arms of Hercules      (2000)   

God of the Golden Fleece              (2001)   

Gods of Fire and Thunder              (2002)   

Boris Brazil Books

The Golden People           (1964)   

The Water of Thought     (1965)   

Pilgrim, The Flying Dutchman Of Time Books

Pyramids              (1987)   

After the Fact     (1988)   

Standalone Novels

Love Conquers All             (1974)   

Specimens           (1976)   

The Mask of the Sun        (1979)   

Octagon              (1981)   

Coils      (1982)   

A Century of Progress      (1983)   

The Frankenstein Papers (1986)   

The White Bull    (1988)   

The Black Throne              (1990)   

Bram Stoker’s Dracula     (1992)   

Merlin’s Bones   (1995)   

Dancing Bears    (1996)   

The Arrival           (1999)   

List of books by Fred Saberhagen

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Fred Saberhagen.

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