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Frank Peretti, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Frank Peretti quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Frank Peretti’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Frank Peretti made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Frank Peretti

When Peretti was a child in Seattle, he regularly gathered neighborhood children for animated storytelling sessions. After graduating from high school, he joined a local bluegrass band. He and his wife were married in 1972, and he soon moved from touring with a pop band to launching a modest Christian music ministry. After studying English, screenwriting, and film at UCLA, Peretti assisted his father in pastoring a small Assembly of God congregation. For financial reasons, he gave up his pastoring position in 1983 and began working in construction. Writing This Present Darkness, the book that would catapult him to fame, began when he was employed at a ski factory. It was word-of-mouth enthusiasm that finally took This Present Darkness onto a tidal wave of interest in spiritual warfare after numerous rejections from publishers and a slow start in sales. Over the course of eight years, the book appeared on Bookstore Journal’s bestseller list every month. More than 3.5 million copies of Peretti’s spiritual warfare novels This Present Darkness (1998) and Piercing the Darkness (1989) have been sold. The Oath won the 1996 Gold Medallion Award for best fiction.

Born: January 13, 1951, Canada
Twitter: Frankenbarb
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Religion & Spirituality

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Popular Quotes

“Prac­tice doesn’t make per­fect. It makes bet­ter.”
― Frank Peretti, Illusion

 “let’s be honest: ignoring is acting, and nothing more – acting as though the words, or actions of your oppresors don’t hurt. you hear the words, you feel the insults, and you bear the blows. you can act deaf and impervious to pain, but the stabs and the arrows pierce you anyway.”
― frank peretti

“Comfort can be a dangerous thing. You stick around home all the time where it’s safe and nothing ever changes, and before you know it, you get set in your ways and you quit learning, you quit changing, you don’t grow anymore.”
― Frank Peretti, Monster

 “the depth of a person’s character is not measured by his or her physical strength, but by the depth of his or her nobility.”
― Frank Peretti

 “a truth our socetiy must not lose sight of and that is the sanctity of every human life and the dignity of every indvidual”
― Frank Peretti

 “Killing one person makes you a murderer. Killing a million people makes you a king. Killing them all makes you God.”
― Frank Peretti, House

“Staying alive is nice, but you can’t do that forever. It’s how you live the life you have while you have it.”
― Frank Peretti, Monster

 “Sin is the Monster we love to deny. It is crouching at the door and it wants you, but you must overcome it.”
― Frank Peretti

“A little love and attention can go a long way…too bad more people don’t realize that.”
― Frank Peretti, Hangman’s Curse

“You want proof there’s a God? Look outside, watch a sunset.”
― Frank Peretti

10 Famous Quotes by Author Frank Peretti

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One Final Bonus – Frank Peretti Quote 

“Mankind without truth, without God-given morals…has strength…can think…can feel things emotionally–but if he isn’t given a good, solid standard for right and wrong, then there’s nothing to keep him from using strength and reason and feelings in selfish…even destructive ways…We wonder why people do such evil things, why there’s so much violence in the world, why people rob and cheat and betray each other. But when we erase truth from our thinking and say there’s no right or wrong except for what each person thinks is right or wrong, well, we get the world we deserve…when there’s no truth that applies to everyone, then there’s no way to argue for the rightness or wrongness of anything…”
― Frank Peretti, Nightmare Academy

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