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List of books by Frances Parkinson Keyes

List of Books by Frances Parkinson Keyes with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Frances Parkinson Keyes. Find my selection in date order of Frances Parkinson Keyes books.

Frances Parkinson Keyes List of Books to Read

Blue Camellia Books

Blue Camellia     (1957)   

The Gold Slippers aka Victorine    (1958)   

Standalone Novels

Queen Anne’s Lace           (1930)   

Lady Blanche Farm           (1931)   

Capital Kaleidoscope       (1937)   

Parts Unknown  (1938)   

The Great Tradition          (1939)   

All That Glitters  (1941)   

Crescent Carnival             (1942)   

Senator Marlowe’s Daughter        (1942)   

Fielding’s Folly    (1943)   

The Old Gray Homestead               (1943)   

Came a Cavalier (1947)   

Once on Esplanade          (1947)   

Along A Little Way            (1948)   

Dinner at Antoine’s          (1949)   

The Safe Bridge  (1950)   

St. Therese of Lisieux       (1950)   

The Grace of Guadalupe (1951)   

Joy Street            (1951)   

Steamboat Gothic            (1952)   

Larry Vincent      (1953)   

The Royal Box    (1954)   

Clowns  (1958)   

The Land of Stones and Saints      (1958)   

Mother Cabrini   (1959)   

Station Wagon in Spain aka The Letter from Spain               (1959)   

Roses in December          (1960)   

The Ambassadress            (1961)   

The Chess Players             (1961)   

Shelter  (1961)   

The Career of David Noble            (1962)   

If Ever I Cease to Love    (1962)   

Sylvia Cary           (1962)   

Madame Castel’s Lodger               (1963)   

Also the Hills       (1965)   

The Explorer       (1965)   

I, the King            (1966)   

Tongues of Fire  (1966)   

Christian Marlowe’s Daughter      (1967)   

The Heritage       (1968)   

Honor Bright       (1968)   

The River Road   (1970)   

Vail D’Alvery       (1970)   

Non-Fiction Books

Letters from a Senator’s Wife      (1924)   

Silver Seas and Golden Cities        (1931)   

Pioneering People in Northern New England          (1937)   

Written in Heaven            (1937)   

Bernadette of Lourdes    (1940)   

The Sublime Shepherdess              (1940)   

All This Is Louisiana          (1950)   

The Cost of a Best Seller (1950)   

The Frances Parkinson Keyes Cookbook   (1955)   

St. Anne               (1955)   

Christmas Gift    (1960)   

The Rose and the Lily       (1961)   

Therese (1962)   

Three Ways to Love         (1963)   

Christmas Is Everywhere (1964)   

Christmas At Home          (1965)   

All Flags Flying    (1972)   

List of books by Frances Parkinson Keyes

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Frances Parkinson Keyes.

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