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Foreshore Walk is one attractive spot of Australia. This walk is located in the Mungo National Park. The Mungo National Park is a protected national park situated in the south-west of New South Wales. This amazing walking track gives you a highlight of the Mungo National Park. This walking track lets you walk across the Lake Mungo. Lake Mungo is considered as the second largest ancient dry lake of Australia. By walking down the Foreshore walk, you can soak yourself up in the rich Aboriginal Heritage of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Region.

Take a Walk At The Exotic Foreshore Walk: –

It  is amazingly exotic. It comprises of sculpted sand dunes and raw exotic natural beauty. There are gnarled trees. There are grassy woodlands. There are aged lake-beds. This walk incorporates all the raw and natural wonders of the Mungo National Park. The Foreshore Walk begins near the Mungo Woolshed, behind the meeting place. This walk is an easy walk. It takes you across the shoreline covered in blue bushes of the old lake Mungo. You can walk forth towards the western shore’s exquisite sand dunes. The view of the last part of an extensive forest of white cypress pines and mallee from there is breath-taking.

The End Of The Walk: –

You can extend walking the Foreshore walk after resting for a moment in the welcome shade of the pines. The walk can be extended by walking along the Zanci Pastoral Loop. If not, you can also follow back the track of the Foreshore Walk to reach the Meeting place near the Mungo Woolshed.

Activities at the Foreshore Walk: –

It is the favorite spot of all the visitors who like to picnic. The view of the plants and landscapes as this walk is simply awesome. The wildlife is eye-catching. You can find the Kangaroos hopping here and there. The Foreshore walk is a must place to be in if you are into wildlife. There is no entry fee of the park except that of parking. The distance is 2.5 kilometers loop.

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