Five Tips To Reduce Dark Circles

What Naturally Reduces Dark Circles?

The skin around the eyes is thinner and prone to concentrate pigmented substances that form dark circles. But it is possible to minimize this picture, yes! 

The skin around the eyes has very different characteristics from other face regions.

In addition to being thinner and more delicate, it is more vascularized on the surface and, therefore, more prone to the deposit of pigmented substances, such as bilirubin, iron, and melanin. It is the concentration of these substances that form dark circles. Since orange juice is high in both vitamin A and C content, it can help remove dark circles from under your eyes.

Home Remedies To Keep Dark Circles Away!
  1. Cold tea bags. One of the most effective and highly easy ways to combat these dark circles is to use cold tea bags. …
  2. Grated Potatoes or Grated Cucumber. …
  3. Cold Milk. …
  4. Elevating the Head. …
  5. Aloe Vera. …
  6. Almond oil and Lemon juice. …
  7. Rosewater. …
  8. Tomatoes.

Some factors favour this situation

Internal factors: ageing (which causes the weakening of cellular adhesion) and hereditary components, such as the tone and the pigmentogenic potential of the skin.

External factors: fatigue, stress, exposure to UV radiation, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, sleep, and food deprivation.

To soften this hyperpigmentation that bothers us so much, adopt these 05 tips.

1. Hydrate.

Drinking water is one of the essential elements in maintaining good skin health. While we are all aware of what it does for our skin, we are not mindful of all the benefits that drinking water can bring to our bodies.

The importance of drinking water has been known for a long time. Human beings need to stay hydrated and healthy. Drinking enough water helps us in many ways, like reducing weight, preventing diseases, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. Avoid spicy foods and too much salt.

They retain water, making it difficult for toxins to drain through the lymphatic system. This vast network collects the impurities circulating through our body and takes them to the excretory system.

3. Promote vasoconstriction

It helps to improve circulation and, consequently reduces the presence of bilirubin, iron, and melanin in the region.

You can do this by pressing lightly on the area around the eyes using your fingers moistened with cold water or resorting to the famous cold compress with chamomile tea.

But watch out for the temperature! If it is too cold, it can damage the skin, which is super thin and delicate in this region.

4. Take care of the whole.

The health of our skin is closely linked to our body and our emotions. Stress, fatigue, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, sleepless nights, and everything else that weakens our immunity will appear on the skin somehow.

So, remember: cosmetics are great allies, but they can’t do all the work alone.

5. Use formulas that destabilize bilirubin, iron, and melanin.

Cosmetics formulated with marine bacilli reduce fluid retention and improve microcirculation, scaring away the bilirubin in the region.

On the packaging, these assets appear with the name Bacillus Ferment.

The good news is that an ultra-technological formula is coming soon to help you wake up by minimizing dark circles, hydrating, and strengthening the delicate skin around your eyes. And in a delicious cosmetic form that is neither cream or serum.

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Fun Fact

Can dark circles go away?

Relief from dark circles may be as simple as using a cold compress you make using materials you already own. Applying cold to the area can help the blood vessels constrict quickly for some temporary relief. Although you can purchase a cold compress at the store, do-it-yourself methods can work just as well.

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