Finding The Cheapest Flights To Australia in 2022

What are the cheapest flights to Australia?

For the period specified, one-way flights were available at $503 and round-trip flights were available at $827. Prices and availability are subject to change. Additional terms apply.

Finding The Cheapest Flights To Australia

Australia is one of the famous tourist destinations across of many nationalities across the globe. Its picturesque landmarks, city life and great architectural structures, and natural wonders are just few of the best reasons to visit this country. But let’s accept it, finding the cheapest flights to Australia can be a little harder because they are still not cheap as we expect.

When you plan to visit Australia, the most part of your expenses are allotted to flights and travel. This is why it will save you a huge amount of money when you know your way in finding the cheapest flights to Australia. Here are some key points you need to remember:

  • There is no other way. The truth is, there is no easy way in finding the cheapest flights to Australia because it all burns down to where you are coming from and what part of the country you are planning to visit. If you are going to Sydney or Melbourne, there are promo fares that you can avail. However, flights from those major cities to other outback regions of the country will definitely take the chunk of your budget.
  • Flexible schedule. It will be very helpful if you have a flexible schedule. Flights are quiet expensive during festivals and holidays, so you have to adjust your date of arrival and avoid those dates.
  • Promo fares. It pays a lot to subscribe on airlines websites to spot promos or seat sales. You can also subscribe to travel agencies in your country that provides tour packages in Australia.
  • Other airlines. Australian airlines are not your only choice to get there. There are other international airlines that can provide you a huge value for money when you book your flights with them.
  • Shop early. It is advised to book your flights as early as possible. There is a very slim chance that you get cheap packages during last minute flights.

Finding The Cheapest Flights To Australia

Consider The Season

Just like in any other countries, Australia is filled with colorful seasons throughout the year. During these seasons, airlines expect large numbers of foreign and local visitors from all over the world. Here is the list of seasons that you need to consider if you are finding the cheapest flights to Australia:

  • October-February. This is the peak of tourist season in southern Australia, thus the season for most expensive flights.
  • Holidays like Christmas and New Year period. People from across the globe to visit and spend holidays with their families, to see the grand New Year celebration in Sydney and you cannot expect any cheap flight during this season. But if you are planning to do any of those activities, book your flight the earliest time of the year.
  • September- November. This is the lowest tourism season of the year and you better take this opportunity to book your flight and fly to
  • June-August. This is also a peak season in the country. I wish you good luck if you are finding the cheapest flights to Australia during this period. Northern Australia is pretty busy during this part of the year and all flights (domestic and international) to Darwin, Brisbane or Cairns are expectedly filled as early as June.

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