Final Day Challenge Guide to Final Fantasy 14

Challenges are special quests, quests, and perilous exits that high-level players can earn experience and gils in Final Fantasy 14.

In order to be guaranteed to pass the tests, it is important not only to have a suitable and high level, but also to have good quality equipment for your class.

You can buy or create it in the process of farming, leveling, crafting or completing a quest, or buy ffxiv gil on a special site with a guarantee of safety and anonymity in any quantities. Professional players will disguise the transfer process as a normal exchange between players so that the game administration does not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions.

The current guide focuses on one of the most difficult challenges for high-level characters in Final Fantasy 14 – Final Day.

How to access the final day challenge in Final Fantasy 14

The Final Day challenge will become available at character level 90, in the process of completing the Endwalker main quest. The test will be the last for the current update under the same name, Endwalker. Location – Ultima Thule location.

Basic information about the Final Day Challenge

  • Elegeia – will generate planets that will rotate to deal strong AoE damage in a large range.
  • Elenchos – Deals heavy damage in a straight line and only hooks targets that are in its path. If the boss summons a dark sphere, then the damage will be in the center. If the wings are on the sides.
  • Death’s Embrace – run away, because the places where you were a couple of seconds ago will be damaged by spikes that will come out of the ground.
  • Elegeia Unforgotten – Also summons planets that will deal explosive damage over time.
  • Fatalism – the boss will use the planet collision skill one more time.
  • Galaxias is a boss skill that will knock all players back.
  • Ekstatis – Creates puddles that deal damage to all targets that are close enough to the boss.
  • With a certain probability, the boss can apply the collision of planets several times. Then the players need to maneuver from melee and ranged attacks, after which the boss will repeat the fatalism skill.
  • Destroy all the monsters and give it the highest priority – in a situation where you need to move away and get closer to the boss to avoid damage, then the monsters will not come in handy in such a situation.
  • The last phase will become difficult and easy at the same time – on the one hand, you will deal increased damage due to the positive effect of Prayer of Hope. But the boss will also deal more damage, so your chances will even out.

Entering combat during the test

First phase

In the first stage, you will fight Endsinger.

An important point about this boss will be the lack of positioning and the complete disregard for tanks.

When the boss starts using the Elegeia skill, he will strike with the power of the planets in four directions, so you need to react in time and significantly increase the distance with the boss so as not to take damage.

Galaxias – Track this skill to increase your distance and avoid being knocked back while taking damage.

Elenchos – special lines will appear around the boss and you will receive a notification. If the boss uses a dark sphere, then AoE damage will be dealt to the center. If the enemy uses wings, it will strike at a distance, so pay close attention to the notifications so as not to fail the test.

Death’s Embrace – Creates a cone of AoE damage that will attach to each party member. In order not to damage your comrades, you need to run away from each other. When the skill ends, a shield will appear in the center of the map, which will also deal massive damage

Aporrhoia – heads will appear under the boss that will deal powerful AoE skills in all directions for a short period of time.

Hubris – this time the damage will be on tanks, healers should be ready to replenish the health of the defender of the group in time.

Elegeia Unforgotten – The boss will repeat planetary collision skills to deal damage, but planetary collision will be slower than the standard skill.

Fatalism – the junction of planets will happen again with full damage.

Ekstasis – AoE damage that will be applied all over the map with an expansion from the boss to the edge of the map – you need to move away from the enemy as far as possible.

Nemesis – All players will receive special marks and delayed damage, from which there is no escape.

Win strategy

When there is preparation for the collision of the planets, run to the opposite part of the map to avoid taking damage.

Almost all AoE attacks have a wide evasion range and clear mechanics so that the group has the opportunity to get comfortable right during the battle and win without taking damage from the boss.

Immediately scatter while casting Death’s Embrace – after a couple of seconds, spike damage will be dealt to your old position.

Gradually, with a decrease in health, the boss will increasingly use the collision of planets, fatalism, and after that, Galaxias. You have to maneuver these attacks as much as possible by moving from melee to ranged combat until the end of the application of skills.

If the boss disappears from the map, then the Ekstasis skill will be applied. It will deal massive AoE damage in an area and apply an AoE damage over time tag on each player that deals damage to surrounding targets. Run away from your allies and the attacks will not bring any success to the boss.

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