Features of Game Development and Testing

Game development is a very painstaking and consistent process. The market for computer games has always been very dynamic and fast growing. For several decades of existence, the industry is still actively growing. There are new genres, new approaches, more and more unique gameplay and concepts.

Also, the expansion of the gaming industry contributes to the emergence of new markets through new technologies and new devices. A good example of how technology is impacting the growth of the gaming industry is the smartphone games market. More and more new games contain augmented reality technologies, quests in real life (using geolocation and maps) and simply even more complex games that require high device performance.

Of course, new technologies and approaches appear from time to time, which further create large markets for mobile or PC games. However, even with such opportunities, in order to get the championship, you will need to approach the issue of development prudently and seriously.

Only now, in order to develop a high-quality game on a PC, a team of at least 5 people is needed, where the outcome of the work will depend on the level of professionalism of each. Given that as a result, the game should bring payback for the company.

The success stories of most game and app developers boil down to the fact that before any application or game became popular and brought in high incomes, the team repeatedly released a product that barely paid for itself, and sometimes was a failure. Because of this, some developers compare the activities of game development with writing pictures. When for a long time the picture may not sell so much, but you don’t know exactly what kind of work and when it will gain popularity among the general public and find its admirers.

Therefore, the experience of people who succeeded is worth really large fees. Also, a team of specialists who have traveled this path and gained their own special flair, with a high probability, will be able to repeatedly repeat this success. Therefore, for those who are just starting out, it will be useful to use the services of just such specialists. Go to get more info.

What is the role of testing in game development?

The biggest mistake teams, managers, and companies make is to underestimate the role of testers in the development process. This can be expressed in cost savings on these specialists, which by itself is reflected in the quality of their work.

In fact, with such savings, the management leaves a number of hidden tasks unsolved, which can later be discovered by customers or worse – the loss or entry into the public domain of confidential information. It follows from this that testing directly affects the quality of the final product and user satisfaction with it.

In testing, there are a large number of approaches, methodologies and technologies. But the whole process can be divided into 2 parts:

QA testing (Quality Assurance)

This testing is focused on controlling and ensuring the quality of the product in the early stages of development. Its main purpose is to prevent the occurrence of certain errors. As a rule, the bulk of the work is carried out before the start of development. Then the tester indicates the key requirements and development principles, following which the programmer will be able to avoid a number of errors. It is important that these metrics are continuously monitored during development.

QC testing (Quality Control)

QC testing is done when the game is ready. At this moment, the tester receives the work for verification. Its task is to detect errors, conduct load testing, end-to-end testing, and others. This stage can be looped an unlimited number of times – when the tester discovers all new errors and returns the program for revision.

And this is only a small part of the whole complex of works that stands behind the project tester. At different stages of company development, not every manager will be ready to hire a separate tester in his staff. One of the most successful options for quality testing of the game, fixing bugs and strengthening the weaknesses of the program, is to use game testing services. A team of professional testers will provide advice on any project and cope with the task with high quality.

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