Features of clearing blocked drains

Clogging of pipes and sewers is the most unpleasant problem with the sewage system. Even with proper operation, it is impossible to avoid: grease that is washed away, organic and inorganic waste, accumulating on the walls of the pipes, gradually fills all the free space in the sewer network, forming pipe clogging or an impenetrable plug. That is why clearing blocked drains is always actual.

What to do if the sewer is clogged?

Usually, the sewage system is not clogged immediately, but in stages. Garbage collects in the pipes, making it difficult for the water flow to pass. Therefore, the main sign that indicates the need to perform cleaning is poor drainage. An unpleasant smell may also be present, which appears due to collected garbage. However, this occurs at a very advanced stage.


Clearing blocked drains

When absolute clogging occurs, water simply stops passing, accumulating in the sink or toilet. Often this happens due to the washing away of large particles of garbage, paper and fat deposits. Sewage blockages can be in places such as syphons, built-in toilet elbows, hydraulic locks, etc. The frequency of clogging may also depend on the quality of these elements.


What are the clearing blocked drains methods?


There are several options that can be performed by blocked drains plumber to solve the problem:

  1. Chemical method.

It is performed with the use of strong chemical reagents that dissolve the base of the pipeline plug, thereby increasing the throughput of the system. Due to a combination of reasons, the chemical method of sewage cleaning is mainly used on small-volume local sewage systems with pipes of limited diameter, with large amounts of fatty substance in the drains. These are, as a rule, production of the food industry, public catering establishments and kitchens of private households.

2. Mechanical method.

This type of clearing blocked drains is carried out with the help of manual or mechanised tools-nozzles (various steel crowns, drills, spirals), which are attached to the end of a long, flexible and strong cable.

A cable with a cutting nozzle is launched inside the clogged pipeline, and is set in motion manually or with the help of mechanised means. The cutting or drilling nozzle destroys and grinds the blockage in the pipe until the sewage debit appears on it. With its help, even very dense, hard and strong blockages, consisting of solidified or petrified sewage, and various household waste, are reliably destroyed.

3. Hydrodynamic method.

Such a sewer cleaning is performed by washing out internal blockages with special water jet heads, to which a washing liquid (usually water) is supplied from a pump, under a high pressure of tens of atmospheres. This method gives no less reliable results than the mechanical technique. Due to the fact that it is a fully mechanised method with the use of powerful pumping equipment, it can be used on sewer lines and collectors of even very large diameters.

Clearing the blocked drains is very difficult work. Hence, if you have some accidents with the sewer system, it’s better to call the blocked drains plumber to save your money and time!

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