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List of books by F. Paul Wilson

List of Books by F. Paul Wilson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, F. Paul Wilson. Find my selection in date order of F. Paul Wilson books.

F. Paul Wilson List of Books to Read

LaNague Federation Books

Healer   (1976)   

Wheels Within Wheels    (1978)   

An Enemy of the State     (1980)   

Dydeetown World            (1989)   

The Tery              (1990)   

LaNague Chronicles         (1992)   

LaNague Federation Books

An Enemy of the State     (1980)   

Wheels Within Wheels    (1978)   

Healer   (1976)   

Dydeetown World            (1989)   

The Tery              (1990)   

LaNague Chronicles         (1992)   

Adversary Cycle Books

The Keep             (1981)   

The Tomb            (1984)   

The Touch           (1986)   

Reborn  (1990)   

Reprisal (1991)   

Nightworld          (1992)   

The Peabody-Ozymandias Traveling Circus & Oddity Emporium       (2007)   

Repairman Jack Books

The Tomb            (1984)   

Legacies              (1998)   

Conspiracies       (1999)   

All The Rage        (2000)   

Hosts     (2001)   

The Haunted Air (2002)   

Gateways            (2003)   

Crisscross            (2004)   

Infernal (2005)   

Harbringers         (2006)   

Bloodline             (2007)   

By The Sword     (2008)   

Ground Zero       (2009)   

Fatal Error           (2010)   

The Dark at the End         (2011)   

Infernal Night     (2014)   

The Last Christmas           (2019)   

Young Repairman Jack Books

Secret Histories  (2008)   

Secret Circles      (2010)   

Secret Vengeance            (2011)   

Early Repairman Jack Books

Cold City              (2012)   

Dark City              (2013)   

Fear City              (2014)   

Nocturnia Books

Definitely Not Kansas      (2015)   

Family Secrets    (2016)   

ICE Sequence Books

Panacea               (2016)   

The God Gene    (2018)   

The Void Protocol            (2019)   

Standalone Novels

Black Wind          (1988)   

Sibs        (1991)   

The Select           (1994)   

Implant (1995)   

Virgin     (1996)   

Mirage  (1996)   

Deep as the Marrow        (1997)   

Nightkill               (1997)   

Masque (1998)   

The Fifth Harmonic          (2003)   

Sims       (2003)   

Midnight Mass   (2004)   

Draculas              (2010)   

The Proteus Cure              (2013)   

Demonsong        (2016)   

Children’s Books

The Christmas Thingy      (2004)   

Short Stories

Buckets (1989)   

The Widow Lindley           (2013)   

Short Story Collections

Soft and Others: 16 Stories of Wonder and Dread (1984)   

Ad Statum Perspicuum    (1990)   

The Barrens and Others  (1998)   

Artifact (2003)   

The Evil Entwines: Extended Version          (2005)   

Aftershock & Others: 19 Oddities               (2009)   


Freak Show         (1992)   

Diagnosis: Terminal         (1996)   

List of books by F. Paul Wilson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author F. Paul Wilson.

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