Experience spectacular views on your road trip between Madinah and Tabuk through the Sarawat Mountains

One of the most interesting provinces in Saudi Arabia is Madinah, which is situated on the western side of Saudi Arabia, along the Red Sea Coast. It is divided into seven sections for governance purposes.  Another province that is a must to explore is Tabuk, which is located along the North West coast of Saudi Arabia, alongside Egypt.

If you want to go on a discovery adventure between Madinah and Tabuk city in Saudi Arabia, you will find the road trip to be one that is fulfilling and a lot of wonderful sights to see on the way, where you can enjoy spectacular views and other interesting activities.

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What Can Be Experienced As You Travel From Madinah And Tabuk Through The Sarawat Mountains?

Before we get into understanding what the journey is like, let’s find out more about the beautiful Sarawat Mountains. It is a majestic mountain range running parallel to the Red Sea Coast, inclusive of the Hijaz, Fifa’ and  ‘Asir mountains. Another name for it is Sarat and it is part of the Hijaz Mountains in the peninsula’s west, beginning at the talf city and extending into the Gulf of Aden.

These mountains run from Jordan to Yemen and have some of the highest peaks in the Arabian peninsula, rising above 2500 meters. Recently roads have been constructed that allow people to drive from Madinah to Tabuk through Sarawat. This road enables you to experience the beauty of these mountains like none other. You can see lovely villages, and the beaches of the Red Sea and also check out the stunning cliffs of Wadi Qaraqir.  These mountains are a place of scenic natural beauty, one that is sure to be the best for photographers and adventure enthusiasts. The road that passes through these mountains takes you through some spectacular mountainous landscape that is indeed unique to enjoy.

Beginning Of The Journey

The journey begins from Medinah from where you head towards  Yanbu city.  While moving through the road towards this city, you will pass along Wadi Hura and Jebel Harir, where the road will take you to a height of 1700 meters at one point. The surrounding scenery from there is simply breathtaking, unlike any other that can be witnessed in this region of the world.

You will also experience the peaceful villages of Al-Sudayrah and Al-Sharjah, where you can see some old-fashioned Arabic houses. The traditional architecture is intact and you can stop over to do a bit of exploration here.  As you move down the road, you will reach Yanbu city.

The journey from this city is quite interesting as it will take you through the quaint village of Al-‘Ays. After this village, the journey on the rod takes you through yet another village – Abu Haramel. Its eastern roads will make your journey through Jibal Marzuqah. It is In this particular location that the Sarawat mountains start looking very different, a sight that is indeed very enchanting and unique, a must-see, experience.  Here is a look at what lies ahead in this journey:

Al-Wajh – It is a beautiful city, known for its crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. It is possible to view beautiful coral reefs right from the shore.  It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Saudi Arabia. It is also one of the largest cities in the Tabuk region and it takes about one and a half days to drive from Al Ula and Hegra to this place.  It has the most stunning mosques each of which displays very grand architecture and its Al Wajh Castle, is a majestic fort that has been converted into a museum. As you check out the beaches here, you will find them to be so stunning such as the profound loveliness of this place that it is like stepping back in time to relish a place that is unconnected with the modern world.

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Jibal ‘Amayir – It is a stunning mountainous place filled with majestic Sandstone Table Mountains. The appearance of these mountains is quite similar to the famous Monument Valley in the USA. It is also a place where you can discover some very unusual rock art. The shape of the mountains here has come about due to erosion, so you can find some peaks and even pillar-like structures here.  If you are one to enjoy rocky adventures, you will be perfectly at home in this location.

Wadi Qaraqir – This is a huge sandstone structure that is so majestic and fabulous in appearance. It is a long canyon about 15 kilometers that runs through Jebel Qaraqir. It is a beautiful natural wonder, one that at one point in time was difficult to find. Now as there are two roads leading to it, it has become one of the most visited places in Saudi Arabia.

These places give you some very enjoyable sightseeing experiences taking you back in time to see historical locations that were built by hand and which display beautiful architecture. The traditional villages are indeed stunning, showcasing such beauty that is not found anywhere else. The mountains as such are an adventure exploration that cannot be done in just a couple of days. There is so much more to enjoy but it can start with small sections at a time. You might want to junky again to the places mentioned here to explore them more and take in lots of the traditional lifestyle that is still present here.

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