Exercises to Do in or On Your Car

Carpark Exercises You can Do in the Mornings Before Work

The following exercises are to be done by using a car. Find a car and park it in such a way that you have enough space around the car which is empty. Now, start the timer on the watch. 

1.Bonnet Lift

  • Lift the bonnet of the car by the left hand and repeat this ten times
  • Now, alternate the hand and lift the bonnet by the right hand ten times. 
  • Now, take a 10-second break in which you recuperate the breathe

Now get to the rear of the car. 

2.  Push Up’s on the Trunk

  • Now do standing push-ups against the trunk of the car.
  • You can vary this exercise by introducing a brick.
  • Push the car with the left hand and keep a brick in your right hand
  • Now, flex your elbow and straighten it holding the elbow.
  • This will help develop your triceps. 
  • Make sure to pull the hand brake of the car. Elsewise your car may go running without you!

3. For the third exercise take out jack and spanner and get yourself settled beside a tyre

  • Now put jack at the bottom of the car
  • Raise the car by rotating the jack
  • Raise the car until the tyre is lifted off the ground
  • Once, this happens start opening the bolts of the tyre.
  • Remember to open the bolts diagonally
  • Now, remove the tyre and put it back.
  • Make sure to do the same quickly so that you can complete the entire activity in 7.5 minutes.
  • This will be a good exercise to test your lung capacity and combines with weight lifting capacity as the car tyre is heavy.

4. Take a 5 minute break as the exercises uptil now will sap your entire energy. For the fourth activity,

  • You have to run around the car 5 times.
  • First run clockwise and then run anti-clockwise
  • After you finish the exercise make sure to sit down on the ground elsewise you may go bang your head against something because your head will be spinning from running around the car!

5. for the 5th exercise get inside the car

  • Now, sit on the pillion side and retract your seat so that you are in lying position.
  • Take the seat as far back as possible
  • Now, using your core strength raise your body
  • Keep the hands behind your head at all times

6. This is the complex form of pushup

  • Set your legs on the bumper of the car
  • You might not want to this if your bumper is a bit fragile!
  • Place your hands on the ground
  • Now do pushups from this position
  • Make sure to ensure that the grip of your feet on the bumper is good elsewise there is a serious risk of injury as well as material damage to the car

7. This exercise can be done with the help of a partner.

  • Get your partner for the exercise inside the car on the steering
  • Now pus the car without switching on the engine
  • Make sure to ask your friend to push the hand brake down!!
  • This will test your brute strength and also develop coordination among different body parts

8. Sit inside the car

  • Now, raise your heels of the left leg
  • Perform 30 heel raise
  • Alternate with the other leg
  • To make the exercise more difficult put a tennis ball under your foot and perform this activity.

9. Buttock Slide

  • From the sitting position inside the car push your buttocks down and slide over your back
  • You should reach the position of an arch
  • Now return back to the starting position
  • You might not want to drive your car while doing this exercise as your vision may be hampered!!

10. Head Rest Rumble

  • Sit back on the seat and touch the head rest of the seat with your right arm from the left side
  • Once you reach the head rest hold the position for 5 seconds
  • Now, touch the head rest from the right side using the left hand
  • This will remove your love handles

11. A good exercise especially in these Covid times is Yoga mixed with modern exercises.

  • Sit on your seat and breathe in completely
  • Hold the entire volume of air for 5 seconds
  • Now exhale the air so that you push the residual air too
  • This simple exercise will help your lung strength development

12. This is an extension of the previous exercise

  • Here inhale the air completely and then hold the position
  • Here you have to exhale in batches of air
  • In one batch you have to pull your stomach inside and then halt the process.
  • Then you have to again pull your stomach inside and then halt.
  • This will continue till you have used up the residual air present inside the lungs too
  • This exercise is very good for the entire respiratory system and helps clear the nasal cavity and improves the digestion.
  • You might not want to do this exercise if you have to go to the washroom!

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